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Grade School Lost Virginity on Route to Pink Salons and Hotels First Half

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: April 2nd, 2013
English Translation Published: December 22nd, 2014

A troubled upbringing via the bizarre punishments doled out by a dominating guardian sends a Japanese schoolgirl on a search for solace.

(Translator's note: this is the sixth entry in the Men's Cyzo Japanese Sex Worker Series and unlike the first three entries, this one more closely follows the flow of an interview hence its categorization on My Dearest Desire. This is another great read into the Other Side of Japan that is only hinted at in mass consumption media. This is prime material for those wanting to know more about the various sex industries that make up Japan's red light district along with adult video from unique perspectives of those who actually walked the walk.)


She was innocent once upon a time. Truly, she was.

Today's sex worker is none than a mirror of myself--Mikako Kikuchi. Although most girls back then were pretty feminine, I was more of a tomboy. In fact, I was a huge fan of Kinniku Man. Crushes and flames-of-the-week were things I have no recollection of. My life as a grade school student was all about anime and candy—then again, this was the norm for most people that age.

Interest in the opposite sex was not a thing just yet. My story closely mimics that of F-ko and just like me, boys were not something she paid much attention to. However, her mother's boyfriend did not feel the same when it concerned F-ko. For him, she was already a woman.

You see, F-ko came from somewhat of a broken family. Her parents divorced when she was young and full custody went to her mother who at the time had a boyfriend.

“My mother's boyfriend was not normal...”

He certainly was not. Punishments were doled out to F-ko for just about anything and they were almost always sexual; sometimes she'd be instructed to strip naked, be touched or told to touch him, and sometimes she'd have to use her mouth in lieu of hands.

F-ko may sport a wonderfully sumptuous body now, but she was flat on both ends during her dark times. The sexual advances her mother's boyfriend made on this naive Japanese schoolgirl left her confused. This all begs the question as to whether she thought his method of justice was a

“I didn't associate what he was doing when he punished me as strange at the time. That's why I didn't tell my mother.”

There finally came a time when actual intercourse was involved.

“Looking back on it, he sure did have a tiny penis. That's probably why it actually ended up fitting inside me.”

Let's not beat around the bush though. From her perspective back then, it was assuredly big and made for a very unpleasant experience. Sex in its proper form was not something F-ko realized she was having until a few years later. Her knowledge at the time was nonexistent. However, she accepted her punishments via sexual relations without putting up any resistance.

“For some reason he stopped for a bit as I finished grade school, but picked up again shortly after I graduated.”

However, she reached her threshold with him. The wrath of his sexual punishments over the years came full circle via the lambent gleam of a kitchen knife.

“This is why it's hard for me to tell people when my first time was.”

F-ko did find herself attracted to classmates of the same age, but never confessed her feelings.

“I felt that my body reeked and was dirty from my sexual punishments so confessing was something I never even dreamed of doing.”

Things did change for F-ko eventually. She finally had a boyfriend in her second year of high school. He accepted her even though she told him about her sordid sexual history.

“He told me my body did not reek nor was it dirty and that made me happy. He also was really handsome.”

Sex with her handsome boyfriend was considerably different than her previous encounters with it. She enjoyed it for starters and for the first time, felt a desire to make her partner feel good as well.

“I actually felt myself becoming wet when coupling with him. This never happened with my mother's boyfriend.”

F-ko at long last felt pleasant feelings normal for one her age. However, there was a problem with her boyfriend.

“He was kinda a leech. He didn't have a part-time job so I had to pay for all of our dates.”

Nevertheless, since he found her neither to reek nor sullied, she liked him and had no issue using her pay from work to support their relationship. It wasn't long before money she made off her hobby of playing cards was used as well. I'm not too knowledgeable on how these card games work, but apparently those in the know can make decent money from them. It's pretty rare to see a Japanese schoolgirl working so hard to financially maintain a relationship when it's usually the other way around.

Somehow they dated for two and a half years. After graduating high school, F-ko enrolled in a fashion vocational school. Still, her boyfriend was a money pit. It was around this time she made the decision to apply for work at a girls bar.


To be concluded...


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Written by Mikako Kikuchi.
Mikako Kikuchi was born on March 17th, 1977 in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. Between the ages of 21 and 29, she worked as a cabaret club hostess, telephone sex operator, and an AV actress. She now writes for a living.


(Translator's note: It's bizarre how F-ko appears so upbeat in her interview given her horrid upbringing. Obviously, there is only so much that can be conveyed through a short piece like this, but she seems to be functioning quite well as a full-fledged Japanese adult women. It does come to mind whether or not her boyfriend from school was milking her issues of trust and confidence. Was it love or just simply lust?)

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