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Swingers Club Employee Becomes Erotic Masseuse Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: May 10th, 2013
English Translation Published: February 4th, 2015

A mega fan of Japanese Visual Kei finds herself first working at a happening bar before switching gears to erotic massage in a three part interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

Welcome back G-ko (currently age 29) who spent her teenage years as a Visual Kei groupie and had no sexual experiences of any kind. Things quickly changed with her first boyfriend being a gentleman three times older than her. That lasted a year before they went their separate ways—him back to the izakaya and her to Mixi where she befriended sex friends deep into S&M fetishes. One such friend 'trained' her for a decent amount of time before introducing her to the world of Japanese Happening Bars—aka Swingers Clubs.

I asked if she was something of a masochist as she has a queenly vibe. “I sure am,” G-ko replied.

I thought otherwise. G-ko was the opposite of demure with her bombastic outward appearance bordering on gaudy. However, the fact is, she really is a masochist who can't get enough of sadist men. She loves the gap in roleplay that this unique type of relationship can bring about. Being meek to a demanding man is what her bedroom life is all about.

G-ko ended up engaging in 'play' with various men she met off of Mixi. Whips, candles, and even sex in public were all things she dabbled in—with her on the receiving end of course. Her first boyfriend—the older man from the Izakaya would be surprised to see what she was doing with her new internet friends.

At Happening Bars, her appetites quickly turned voracious with the number of sex partners severely increasing. What's more, they weren't all men. From this came about the opportunity to work at one. Thus, G-ko found herself working a regular job during the day and manning the Happening Bar at night. Female coworkers taught G-ko the ropes to having nothing but enjoyable experiences at the club.

Even people who work regular jobs can have fun at a Happening Bar though there are some who can easily be the life of at the company water-cooler saying salutations to everyone who freeze up at our club. These types who lack the ability to speak can still get by if they become adventurous with their hands.

Working at the Happening Bar was fun for G-ko, but her day job sapped all her energy frequently leaving her exhausted when night's calling came about. Things became too much for her a year ago. Her body collapsed and she decided to spend some time in a hospital to recuperate. After finally leaving the hospital, she still had medical bills to deal with (Translator's note: medical expenses in Japan—even for the few without insurance—are dirt cheap compared to what folks in USA experience. Several months of even elective treatment in a hospital may run around $10,000USD in Japan. Imagine what that'd cost in the states...).

It was around this time she discovered the ability to work as an adult novelty toy tester. However, the same time she found out about this unique job, she already found employment as a erotic internet chat lady. The job was easy, but the pay was lacking. Interestingly, the company that ran the chat service was affiliated with a company that ran brothels. This is how G-ko found herself debuting as a Japanese sex worker.

Pretty much all of my customers were decent people. I fortunately did not encounter many rotten eggs.

Somehow she ended up not enjoying her Japanese brothel job to the fullest extent possible. Resolute though she was with a promise of staying on board for a minimum of 3 months. Sadly, luck did not favor her. Within that time period she contracted an STD.


To be concluded...


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Written by Mikako Kikuchi.
Mikako Kikuchi was born on March 17th, 1977 in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. Between the ages of 21 and 29, she worked as a cabaret club hostess, telephone sex operator, and an AV actress. She now writes for a living.


(Translator's note: Although some Japanese may deny it, STDs also exist in Japan and there are becoming more and more prevalent. Using protection is a must—especially when visiting any type of fuuzoku establishment. Even at Happening Bars where the customer base is almost all 'normal folk', the risk of contraction is ever-present.)

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