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Once a Geisha Mama-san, Now a Companion Second Half

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 17th, 2013
English Translation Published: July 29th, 2015

A geisha house caretaker transitioning to a hotel escort along with raising a impressively large family are only two pieces to the puzzle of J-ko.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


J-ko ran away from home in her teens and since then has dabbled in Japan's water trade including being the caretaker at a Geisha house. She also had a family and a loving husband, but they filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage.

I'm living in a small apartment so my husband watches over our family. However, I only live about 100 meters away so meeting is always quick and easy.

J-ko believes it's best for everyone to remain in a large house rather than with her in a cramped apartment. A problem became apparent when after several months of living separately, her kin complained to her that they heard female voices coming from their father's room at night. It appeared like he found a new woman to take her place.

Was this something she'd be concerned about...?

Him bringing his girlfriend to school club activities was something I was not comfortable with. Those types of important events are for families, not dates.

J-ko was audacious in her ire: she marched into her ex-husband's house and tore up the admission tickets for the club events before throwing them out.

He was not happy. I received a call from him the next day accusing me of trespassing. I told him I didn't want him taking a date to see school club events.

This was the start of J-ko's kin one-by-one grabbing their traveling bags and migrating over to her anything but spacious apartment.

During this time was J-ko acting maidenly or was she also seeing someone like her ex-husband was?

I actually by chance ran into a boyfriend from my teenage years. At that time, he had another girlfriend who became pregnant with him and they decided to abort.

Her boyfriend from the past ended up marrying that person. However, due to some type of damage to his testicles, one was removed in the past and he had issues conceiving with his legal wife. As luck would have it, a chance encounter with J-ko beat all the odds as she became pregnant by him. J-ko thought about following in the footsteps of his legal wife with abortion, but ended up giving birth.

His wife was easy-going to say the least. Since she could no conceive, she surprisingly was fine with the situation J-ko and her husband found themselves in...or did she?

He ended up leaving his wife and helping me make the best of this pregnancy.

Things didn't work out well for J-ko. Working while pregnant may have been OK in the past, but now that she was in her thirties, the stress of her job ended up causing her to have a miscarriage.

Looking back, this was a big turning point for me. Unlike my younger self, I was an adult now and had much more to carry on my shoulders. Life wasn't easy anymore. I think his wife was secretly thrilled that his infidelity resulted in this sordid situation.

J-ko and him parted ways eventually and she remained open and on the dating market. She did find someone soon enough on Twitter who suited her fancy. That person ended up being her gateway into Japan's adult industry.

I knew taking risks at my age was a bit on the dangerous side, but I ended up interviewing for a hotel delivery health job.

Apprehensive at first, J-ko started her new job as a Japanese hotel health escort in January and has found her life's calling. She's always had in interest in Japan's water trade so this transition into it was not far out of left field.

I'm working at my second escort agency now and have not yet had a bad experience. Not even one! Some customers like rough play both verbally and physically and that's something I'm fine with.

Many women in J-ko's line of work fret about how to avoid going all the way with customers due to Japan's strict prostitution laws forbidding actual intercourse. Their worries are valid, but good practitioners in Japan's water trade know the power of smooth conversation to steer customers desires towards feasible fantasies.

I plan to do this for another 2 years.

I thought this was her why stop so soon?

My youngest will be graduating from high school and heading off to higher education. I figure this is a good time for me to become a student as well.

There are many ways to make the best out of life and following one's dreams in Japan's adult industry may only cater to J-ko's desire to be happy for so long. I did wonder what kind of schooling she was interested in pursuing...

I like to write. I may have been a delinquent student, but writing was something—the only thing really—that I excelled in. I'd like to be paid to write a blog.

What kind of student will J-ko become 2 years from now? Until then, let's wish her the best in her desire to be an upstanding participant in Japan's adult satisfaction industry.


Written by Mikako Kikuchi.
Mikako Kikuchi was born on March 17th, 1977 in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture. Between the ages of 21 and 29, she worked as a cabaret club hostess, telephone sex operator, and an AV actress. She now writes for a living.


(Translator's note: That's it everyone. This was the last of the ten interviews of the massive Sex Worker series originally posted in Japanese at Men's Cyzo. The life stories of the women taking part were similar in some ways, and incredibly varied in others. It does seem like most were happy by the end and all had dreams and game plans for success in the future. For female readers out there considering dabbling in this line of work, please re-read the series and make a decision that you feel comfortable with.)


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