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Japanese AV Then And Now | Chapter 2: Enter Explosive Orgasms Part 2

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: July 16th, 2014
English Translation Published: October 8th, 2014

The Japanese AV of the past where explosive female orgasms also known as shiofuki happened only by means of an artificial pump and fingering was taboo.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


This was also around the time AV actors were given the green light to start fingering their female counterparts. The general flow to a fingering scene with fake squirting is to have an actress rest easy on a chair with legs spread.  Then. the actor starts to gently tease her with his fingertips before gradually going all out with a flashy finish in conjunction with the actress increasing the intensity of her moans. Once her shrieks reach fever pitch, a low-ranking assistant director would squeeze the bottle with all his might—intermittently as doing it all at once would make it appear like she was urinating--leading to the fake liquid female ejaculate to surge through the tube and 'out' of the actress. An AD who does this well will have a future place in upper management.

During the shooting of these types of scenes, friendly banter remains a fixture. Whereas the person in charge of lighting is called Shoumei-san and the sound man is Onsei-san (Light-san and Sound-san respectively), the AD in charge of liquid explosions was jokingly referred to as Pump-san.


AV Stars Sans Toys

At six months—or maybe a year at most--the era of Pump-san and his fake squirting machine did not last long. It's hard to imagine the use of this type of gadget nowadays.

No matter how skilled Pump-san may be, his recreation of biology could never truly mimic the real thing. This along with AV stars simply advancing in what they can and cannot do brought about the demise of this type of studio trick. In particular, 2002 saw KM Produce and their AV star roster venture into bona-fied shiofuki with their famous '4 Hours of Cumming' series. Here, famous AV actors with formidable legerdemain tease AV stars for a full four hours nonstop with ample focus on wet explosions. Fans in great numbers flocked to this series and new editions are released even today.

One actor in particular became the de facto finger technician of Japanese AV: Goldfinger aka Taka Katou. He's known for coupling with AV stars whom have never had an explosive orgasm and showing them the ropes via an immoral baptism. They then can freely call themselves shiofuki actresses. His introduction and the further broadening of Japanese AV stars who can squirt brought about a new era of adult video where lewd and outlandishly salacious acts became more commonplace.

From then on, most production companies did not shy away from offering shiofuki movies. Now, without a doubt, we are living in the golden age of female explosive orgasms. However, something else even more lascivious came out of left field that shocked the decency of the industry just as much...if not more.


Written by Pedal Shishido
Pedal Shishido is an erotic writer who has been watching AV since the dawn of time. He also is a formidable user of English with a level 1 Eiken score and scored an 800 on TOIEC. He's quite active being active (?!) covering AV on and off scene.


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(Translator's note: Japanese AV keeps evolving with actresses doing more and more outlandish things. Once upon a time even showing pubic hair was forbidden and now there are actresses known for being totally bare down there. There even are a few rogue companies who have produced image videos recently with shaved models without any censorship. The reasoning is since the 'lips' are closed, genitalia is not shown. Although the adult industry in Japan is somewhat self-regulated, those companies are playing with fire.)

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