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Japanese AV Then And Now | Chapter 6: When AV Takes the Stage Part One

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: August 11th, 2014
English Translation Published: February 16th, 2015

The early 2000's was when those in the Japanese AV industry felt a desire to bring back the audacity of the bubble era with grandiose productions.

(Translator's note: like the Sex Worker series, Japanese AV Then And Now is another multi-part feature from Men's Cyzo looking back on the various booms and trends of the Japanese AV industry. It mixes bits of nostalgia for those who were there during the 'golden age of rental' with some of the genre booms and busts of this still-burgeoning industry of visual pleasure.)


The sixth and final (for now...?) chapter of Japanese AV Then and Now looks back at the time when adult films broke out of filming in private studios and launched themselves into the limelight.

Soft on Demand raised the bar for formidable gender-bending Japanese AV with their “Zenra ___”, “Magic Mirror”, and “Sex in the Air” productions. There also was their wildly popular title starring a certain large-breasted judo wrestler released around the same time which featured some wildly out-of-place authentic martial arts that ended up with some nosebleeds and even a dislocated shoulder. It came out during a boom era for MMA so the timing could not have been better.


MMA, Mixed Martial AV

I had the opportunity to cover the filming of the third iteration of a popular mixed martial arts production by SOD Create.

The Yokohama location was immense: it was a storage warehouse once upon at time, but became a night club for awhile. It was huge and the production crew recreated an authentic MMA arena complete with a real ring. The warehouse itself was a relic of Japan's economically prosperous bubble era and it still had the building's original name etched outside. Sometime between then and now, it ceased to serve any function except for being a huge for-rent studio. New non-adult life was finally breathed into the studio not long after it was used for various AV productions (a coincidence?) and now is used for less promiscuous things.

Going back to the MMA AV production, the idea itself was very audacious: a group of real female mixed martial artists would take turns having bouts—real bouts mind you unlike professional wrestling—and then a big group of anonymous men would have their way with the loser. It was a life-or-death struggle like no other! The filming was so intense that oxygen tanks were on hand for those that needed it. Productions like this along with the growing bukkake boom set the stage for even stranger and more daring titles. The golden age of Soft on Demand began right around this time...the early 2000's.

Mayu versus the World ~100 vs 1 Nakadashi~

The juice men of bukkake were essentially the first time the services of amateur men were called for in an AV production. However, being bukkake, it entailed them simply to masturbate to conclusion. 2002 saw MOODYZ up the ante with their massive nakadashi production starring 100 anonymous men and Mayu Koizumi, a busty and popular Japanese gyaru. This crazy title itself was in retaliation for a larger, rival production company releasing one of their own of similar proportions.

The production again was immense: a huge studio completely draped with a red sheet and in the middle, a king size bed with Mayu Koizumi having sex with each volunteer. Nothing like it had been done to this level of extremeness and it could be seen as the starting point to the even more bombastic productions to come.

The men involved were all from the internet. What's more, many found out about the event not by visiting MOODYZ's website, but via the 2 Channel BBS. Many were already fanatical followers of Japanese adult video and were walking encyclopedias of information about the female talent. Their keen use of the internet in lieu of print media probably is part of the reason why many of the adult specialty magazines have shut their doors in recent years...

One against many still lives on today. Idea Pocket has a very famous production that continues the trend of hordes of anonymous men doing the naughty with a sole AV star and MOODYZ again one-upped everyone with the addition of anal sex and bukkake.


To be concluded...


Written by Pedal Shishido
Pedal Shishido is an erotic writer who has been watching AV since the dawn of time. He also is a formidable user of English with a level 1 Eiken score and scored an 800 on TOIEC. He's quite active being active (?!) covering AV on and off scene.


Men's Cyzo recommends this title to readers of this article.


(Translator's note: Japan sure loves its booms. Anytime something becomes the rage in popular culture here, an AV take on it is soon to follow. Some of the productions released during this time were truly out there and let's cross our fingers they are re-released using today's mosaic technologies as what was used back then left a lot to be desired.)

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