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Nude Photography Clubs and Their Popularity with Seniors Part 2

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: March 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: December 31st, 2014

Japanese senior citizens are finding themselves with boundless free time and are using it to take part in photography clubs often featuring nude models.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Year by year, camera enthusiasts across Japan become senior citizens. Camera enthusiast magazines frequently with their user submission pages have seen more and more entries dominated by shutterbug seniors. There even was a popular entry by a 90 year-old.

I had the opportunity to speak with Toshiaki Maeda, the editor-in-chief of the longstanding camera magazine, Nippon Camera.

There certainly are many veterans today who started enjoying photography at a young age. Some also find themselves with lots of time and resources after retirement and graduate past taking photographs on more amateur devices like phones and point-and-shoots. It's a great time to rekindle one's passion.

Looking at the March issue, I see a nude photography contribution. They also print a yearly nude photography special that sees an extra high print run.

Nude photography is something that motivates many amateur photogs. There actually was a big boom around 30 years ago when print film was still widely used. However, many of these had sponsorships and generally only were known for the works of a few big names in the photography world. I think the biggest change between then and now is how accessible these types of nude events are to even the most amateur camera enthusiast. What's going on now would be unheard of back then.

We'll now hear from 60 year-old Yasushi Ogawa (an alias), a bona-fied amateur photog from Tokyo. He's been fond of taking pictures for the last 18 years thanks in part due to the introduction of digital cameras.

Normal photo labs will not develop erotic pictures. However, that's something I don't need to worry about any more thanks to shooting digitally. Ever since I was young, I've had a thing for the butts of women—especially when they're covering by thin and lacy lingerie...

With a digital camera and computer at his disposal, the sky is the limit for Ogawa-san.

I eventually started to take part in nude photography sessions and when they first came about, there were a lot of shifty folk also attending. One of my first times was in the mountains near Chiba. We were shuttled right off the bus to the outdoor shoot. I thought it was strange how everyone else was using telephoto lenses and only focusing in on the model's genitalia.

Ogawa-san took the high ground by starting up his own nude photography club.

Nude photography is increasing in popularity. Because of our strict rules of no touching and proper manners, taking pictures even with the same model is always a new adventure. Our club meetings thus closely resemble that of a group of professionals rather than one of perverts.

The more respectful approach to this type of photography is one Ogawa-san is proud to call his own. It also leaves just enough to the imagination to be considered a proper appetizer for the consumption of things more erotic.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: Could you believe that? A nude photography event attracting men solely interested in genitalia. It's a great thing that butt-loving Ogawa-san took the high road by starting his own club for like-minded individuals.)

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