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The JULIA Interview Part 1

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: August 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: November 26th, 2014

Massively famous Japanese AV star JULIA lacks a surname but not a great personality as she opens about her sex life and more.

An extra lewd talk with one of Japanese AV's most famous starlets about the naughtiness that happens between her legs along with sumptuous tidbits from her private life.


JULIA: JULIA here! Thank you for having me!

Interviewer: Wow, the real thing! I'm still having difficulties fathoming actually being in the same room as you.

JULIA: Yes, I'm actually here with you though it's strange because I get that a lot ever since my debut. People seem surprised of my existence.


I: I understand, but it's just so hard to fathom someone with your looks and body actually exists! It makes me question reality. You must be from another dimension!

J: That's funny. I do hope I'm not causing too much of a disturbance by existing.


I: Didn't you look at your body even before your AV debut and wonder why you were so genetically blessed?

J: I didn't really if you can believe it. Well, I mean I did notice I was a bit different than my peers back when I was in school.


I: I'm at loss for words. Some of us here think you're somewhat of the Japanese AV equivalent to Lupin III's Fujiko Mine (a character known for her incredible looks and massive breasts.).

J: Oh, you think so? I believe that better is said of Anri Okita.


I: There's always room for one more. Anyway, may I ask what you do when you're not in front of a camera?

J: I'm pretty normal. I'm tying to change this, but I do rest a lot at home well past my alarm clock. Outdoors is a place I'm not too familiar with.


I: Really? Are you out then at night prowling for men on the streets like some sort of erotic vampire?

J: I get that a lot. Yea, I do prefer the nights, but I don't drink much.


I: That's unexpected. Then again, you'd never be able to maintain a body like yours if you were too friendly with the drink.

J: I don't do much at all for body maintenance believe it or not. However, I just started going to an all-inclusive spa.


I: Oh, is that so?

J: I've also started resistance training to help my posture and keep my pelvis in check and help bulk up my inner thighs because I've been told they're too thin.


I: You sure do have slim legs.

J: Yea, but they have been a hindrance in my performance. I've never been able to maintain the cowgirl position for a long time.


I: Really? I recall seeing you in many scenes where you're on top with those massive breasts flying all over the place.

J: You're right, but I'm up there weathering the storm more than anything. It's not easy nor comfortable.


I: Weathering the cowgirl storm?

J: Yea, well, if I do cowgirl when facing away from my partner, I can use my arms to help carry some of the load that would otherwise be all on my legs.


I: So your choice of sexual positioning comes down to not having enough muscle?

J: Yup, you got it.



To be concluded...


(Translator's note: JULIA's a unique one in the AV field. Not only does she have a body that is better-suited for western adult video, she also has a very unique face. It's a bit unfortunate the interviewer did not ask her about how often she is stopped in public. She must meet fans in strange places all the time.)

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  • J. Walter Puppybreath said:

    Julia is a goddess! Such a unique/breathtaking build, and so very beautiful. I love her smile.

    February 27th, 2016 - Reply


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