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Work Part-Time as a Mosaic Application Artist

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: February 25th, 2014
English Translation Published: October 31st, 2014

One can make nice pocket change working part-time as a mosaic application artist for Japanese AV movies but is looking at uncensored movies all day worth it?

Nobody's pay is increasing and with sales tax now at 8% those looking for part-time work on top of their regular jobs are on the rise. Now wouldn't it be great if there was a way to do something both fun and erotic and get paid for it? There are quite a few options actually and today we're going to talk about Japanese AV Mosaic Application Artists.

Seeing and working with an unbelievable amount of uncensored Japanese AV before it's released to the public may be a dream job for some. We talked with Hiroki Yokota (an alias), a 41 year-old company employee who has been applying mosaic to exposed genitalia part-time and rakes in an extra 100,000 yen (approximately $1000USD) a month.

It's a pretty easy gig that does not require any custom machinery or advanced software knowledge. The work itself is done usually at adult video company offices and even beginners can do it. There's some semblance of a test during the interview process, but it's very simple. They help you out a lot at first and only people with absolutely no computer knowledge would have issues with this job. The pay itself isn't bad either. It starts at around 1,500 yen an hour (approx. $15USD) so a salaryman can work here a few hours a shift several times a week after his main job and make some good pocket change.”

Yokoto-san may enjoy this line of work, but I certainly did not. I tried it out for a bit to see if it lived up to his description of a good time. Working on mosaic isn't really about looking at uncensored Japanese AV. Rather, it's spending hours zoned in on nothing but private parts. Over time I felt like I was coming down with some type of poisoning sickness.

Some people get exhausted easily. It varies really person to person. You also can opt to work as a contractor instead of working directly for an adult video company. There you get paid on a commission system. In that environment, the more you censor, the more you make and this means you can make some seriously good money if you opt to apply mosaic to group sex and bodily excretion productions.”

This could be one's life work for a select few.

It's not just about physical releases. Productions meant for both internet and satellite TV also need mosaic applied so there's many opportunities one take part in. You also get more free samples than you know what to do with. I haven't had to buy a single movie in over 10 years! Of course, all these free samples are for me to use in conjunction with improving my mosaic application technique...”

There's many more interesting and non-traditional part-time jobs one can find within the Japanese adult industry. For example, you can also find work as a person who rents out studios for shoots, a male chat operator, a person who drives escorts to their appointment, an AV extra, an online scout man, or even a self-producer of adult video. To truly find out which best suits your personality, you should strongly consider trying them all out!


(Translator's note: Applying mosaic for hours on end is even more soul-crushing than working as an assistant director for a Japanese AV production company. With that, there's always the chance you end up directing one day and you're involved with something you could proudly put your name (or alias) on. Mosaic application is a thankless job and is significantly harder now to do than years past. Older Japanese AV movies tended to use very blocky mosaic that suck to standard geometrical shapes. It was easy to apply from a technical standpoint, but viewers hated it. The latest trend with Japanese AV mosaic is thin-bordering-on-see-through and very form-fitting. This makes application much harder. The barrier for entry into this type of job may be easy, but that's mainly due to high turnover.)

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