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Japanese AV Actor Jun Odagiri Interview Part 1

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: November 1st, 2011
English Translation Published: April 13th, 2015

Appearing in over 3,000 Japanese AV titles, Jun Odagiri has made himself a truly formidable career as an AV actor and now recounts some of his experiences.

By the request of countless numbers of fans, we welcome Japanese AV actor Jun Odagiri whom we will be interviewing today. Thank you all for sending in so many questions to make this a great event!


Interviewer: Let's get right to it! Please tell us how you debuted as a Japanese AV actor.

Jun Odagiri: Hmm, that's actually not an easy question to answer because it's hard to pinpoint when I truly made my debut. The first time I became involved on an AV set was as a juice man on a bukkake set. This was around 2000 or so. My time as a juice man way back then was more about satisfying my Japanese AV industry curiosity more than anything else. I didn't stick around long and there times when I wasn't even working in the industry.


I: You had a non-AV job?! Please tell us what you did!

JO: I worked as a stylist for a time. It was fun for awhile, but I eventually came back to doing AV. After quitting, my job as an AV actor became my full-time gig. I think if I didn't make that decision, I'd still be involved either as a stylist or doing something within the fashion industry.


I: I think you made the right choice because you're extremely popular in the biz. About how many times a month are you in an adult video studio? Also, do you recall approximately how many titles you have been in?

JO: I'm in about 35 titles a month though it's sometimes as high as 45. I think I've been in around 3000 titles since making this my career. If I'm only needed for one scene, then it's an easy in-and-out job. Bigger productions that require more of me can take a whole day if not longer.


I: I've always wondered about that since you appear in so many AV movies. Can we talk about hobbies and things you enjoy? I recall you mentioning before your affinity of window shopping at furniture stores on your off days.

JO: You've a good memory. I never thought I'd have fans that care that much about things like that. Yes, I'm a big fan of interior design and I care more about how something looks than who created it. I prefer visiting showrooms over reading magazines. The only magazines I do find myself reading are about fashion. My taste in movies centers around horror, SF, and anything thrilling really. A real favorite movie of mine from way back when is Stand by Me. My movie watching lately has been at night so I often fall asleep before getting to see the ending. Boring movies make me drowsy. I love eating meat and I'm nearly a carnivore. Vegetables are something I've steadily been incorporating back into my diet, but it's still mainly meat.


I: That's unexpected. I expected actors to stick to eating clean in order to stay in shape. Do you drink and smoke as well? I'd love to know what brands you prefer.

JO: I like tequila and wine and that's what I drink when I'm at izakayas and darts bars which happens to be very often. Marlboro Lights are my cigarette of choice. There are times during shoots where a scene calls for me to smoke and most actors don't which leaves pretty much only myself available.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: Japanese AV actors can be incredibly prolific—especially successful ones. Haruki Satou may boast about her beefy work schedule, but it doesn't hold a candle to Jun Odagiri's. Too bad the pay isn't as good, but even big name AV actors make pretty good money all things considered.)

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