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Japanese AV Actor Jun Odagiri Interview Part 2

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: November 1st, 2011
English Translation Published: April 15th, 2015

Appearing in over 3,000 Japanese AV titles, Jun Odagiri has made himself a truly formidable career as an AV actor and now recounts some of his experiences.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Interviewer: We've received email from many fans who would love to ask you about your taste in cologne.

Jun Odagiri: I've been using nothing but Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue for over 10 years now.


I: Everyone take note! Can you tell us about your taste in clothing now? What brands do you like? What do you wear during a shoot?

JO: Outside of special theme shoots where I may be in a school uniform and the like, I'll be wearing my own actual clothes. I don't have much brand allegiance, but I consider myself a fan of Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, and Bulgari. My watches are Panerai and I pickup my pants at Isetan. I can't help but shop on days when I'm not in a shoot.


I: Would consider yourself influenced by any other AV actors? What AV stars do you like?

JO: I owe a lot to my veteran coworker, Pierre Ken (who appears in many of the recent uncensored movies at Zenra). We used to live near each other so we'd often go out drinking after work. We'd also go snowboarding and camping a lot so along with work, he's someone I spend a lot of time with in my private life. I owe him a lot. Back when I was a true amateur, Rei Itou was an AV star I was very fond of. Unfortunately, she retired before we had a chance to work together...


I: I hear you have quite the repertoire of sexual moves including one named after you.

JO: My fellow actor Ken Shimizu is to blame for that. Sometimes I get pretty aggressive during coitus and he called a move I did the 'Killer Odagiri'. I think he went a bit overboard with that name selection. It's a bit tough to describe, but imagine the female squatting with legs up and back rounded (like a slav squat) with the man entering from behind. She's the one who still does the thrusting with her hips though. It's tough to do and both parties generally don't last long at it before tiring out. Try it out sometime if you dare.


I: I can't imagine many people have that kind of endurance to even give it a shot. If people wanted to meet you, how could they make that happen?

JO: There's always a chance you can run into me if you know where all the AV studios are. After this interview is finished, I'll be heading to Atami which is a bit far from Tokyo. Generally though I'm always in the Shinjuku area so say hi if you ever catch me.


I: Have you ever thought about becoming a full-fledged actor? We all give our stamp of approval to this.

JO: Don't be absurd! However, I am happy that many people seem to feel that way. I'm too shy to move into that line of work. Watching acting and performances on stage is fun, but I've never thought about doing it.


I: Do you have any siblings? I heard you have a younger sister.

JO: Sorry, no younger sister! I do have a few younger brothers though but they aren't allowed to watch any AV. They may be in for a surprise if they did.


(Translator's note: Jun Odagiri definitely gives off a 'I know fashion'-vibe. It comes as no surprise he also had a career as a stylist. Out of all the AV actors out there, he fits the suave role better than anyone else.)

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