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Extreme Japanese AV Director Interview Part 3

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: July 15th, 2011
English Translation Published: November 6th, 2015

Famous AV director Bon Andou talks about her latest production and more in a detailed interview about extreme S&M in the Japanese adult video world.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


(Bon Andou is a name most readers of My Dearest Desire do not have familiarity with. She is not an AV star. Rather she directs Japanese. What's more, her forte is extreme productions with a strong focus on S&M relationships. This is a very detailed interview which will be split into 4 parts. For those wondering about the extreme Japanese AV's place both in today's industry and in the future, read on...)


Interviewer: There also was a title you directed that combined S&M with traditional Japanese wear.

Director Andou: Yes, that title in particular was where I aimed to make aesthetics a prime focus. However, that was hard to maintain as the filming continued. That movie centered around a barren woman who was teased since she was young by her older sister-in-law.


I: That sounds like a title that men may not appreciate much, but women would love. It seems to be less about traditional Japanese S&M featuring a master and his submissive servant and more about bullying of supposed equals.

DA: Correct on the bullying comparison. The regular tools of S&M are nowhere to be found in this movie. Instead, the tools of teasing were all cheap items one can find at any 100-yen shop. We're talking bamboo sticks, rulers, etc. The character carrying out the bullying actually was teased herself by a jealous younger brother. I recall an outdoor scene that combined elements of S&M with public nudity as people in the neighborhood could see. It was definitely a challenge to shoot right. Please check out the title if you're interested.


I: Would you say that most of your fans are female?

DA: Yes, many are female and I'm thankful for that. I think many have yearnings to experience being dominated upon and more—but strictly in a controlled environment of course. I'm sure many don't even want their boyfriends to know let alone help them act out their desires so my adult video titles provide them a form of intimate release. As far as I know, I'm the only director filming titles that involve woman tying up other women.


I: Do you feel like you have your own adult niche?

DA: I think so. I think the bits and pieces that link my movies together are in a fetish by themselves. There's many genres and fetishes in the adult industry with bondage being one of the more unique ones. Some may find it hard to watch, but I urge those who have a thing for being bound and teased to take a look at my productions.


I: Would you say that your titles are oriented towards female viewers and are unique in their avoidance of traditional S&M cliches?

DA: I'm mainly a masochist (a masochist Japanese AV director? How does that even work?), but I do know there are people like me who emphasize greatly with the actress being bound and the one doing it. My titles frequently shun clear-cut roles of dominant and submissive characters.


I: Is it hard then to find an accurate way to classify your work?

DA: I think there's many ways to appreciate the eroticism my work shows. On top of the visual elements, word-play also is paramount. I'm sure many women watch and conjure ideas equally as wild when it comes to bondage and rope-play.


I: I'm sure some women still feel aroused after watching your titles.

DA: Oh, I'm sure of it. My titles never really end in the traditional sense. The relationships between my characters don't simmer down just because filming has ceased. What's shown is only the beginning.


I: Any tips for those who want to incorporate S&M into their sexual play?

DA: Going straight from watching my movies while masturbating to full-on S&M with one's partner may be difficult. I'd recommend to start light by having yourself (or your partner) lightly bound at the wrists with the cord from a bathrobe. You can also incorporate play blindness with the aid of a scarf. Being devoid of the ability to see can make one's other senses extra sharp.


I: So you don't need manic-level toys from the get-go?

DA: I don't think so. First thing is to confirm with your partner what you both feel comfortable using. From there you can go shopping. This is where strong communication skills come in handy as S&M play works best when you're on each others wavelengths. First you need to find a mutual spiritual link before incorporating toys.


I: And when can one incorporate bandages?

DA: Using bandages during play requires its own bit of precaution. It's best not to use the ones that are very elastic as they can stifle one's circulation. I always use the ones that are not very elastic during my shoots. It's best to use them lightly until you have a good idea of how tight they can be. Bandages are one item among many that may be left as pseudo-play for most.


I: Isn't easy to get out of them?

DA: Yes, and some of my characters break the 'girls in merciless peril'-stereotype by slipping out of them.


To be concluded...


Interviewed by Miho Fumizuki

Bon Andou's homepage can be found at:


(Translator's note: S&M seems to be a mainstay in the adult Japanese industry. It may never have been ubiqutious with the industry but the concept of extreme forms of bondage mixed with traditional Japanese culture in the form of archaic houses and clothing has been the theme of many a production. It's interesting how Director Andou builds on this with her own world view of domination and submission.)

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