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Extreme Japanese AV Director Interview Part 4

PeachJoy - Original Japanese Date: July 15th, 2011
English Translation Published: November 9th, 2015

Famous AV director Bon Andou talks about her latest production and more in a detailed interview about extreme S&M in the Japanese adult video world.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


(Bon Andou is a name most readers of My Dearest Desire do not have familiarity with. She is not an AV star. Rather she directs Japanese. What's more, her forte is extreme productions with a strong focus on S&M relationships. This is a very detailed interview which will be split into 4 parts. For those wondering about the extreme Japanese AV's place both in today's industry and in the future, read on...)



Interviewer: S&M may seem fanciful to those not in the know, but it can actually be quite mundane.

Director Andou: That's right. I find S&M interesting in that it can happen in such mundane settings. I was born in the boondocks outside of Miyazaki in Kagoshima and within our regular community we had weird characters like the old man in a bra who rode around town carrying a bottle of shochu. People like him probably are less weird and act more outlandish due to interesting things from their past. This is how I feel in regards to producing my type of movies.


I: It sounds like a case of people pretending to look away.

DA: Well, I don't think people who choose not to look are inherently guilty. I'm actually quite concerned about them. Why did they sit next to me yesterday, but now are sitting so far away? People's inner thoughts can make me very nervous.


I: I see. Characters in your productions such as Ibarako-san seem to mimic your own set of beliefs.

DA: Yes, well those around me certainly serve as inspirations. I also know some people severely detest the company of others which can end up becoming a turn-on for some. Everyone has their ticks, you know? Even the darkest introvert may have a jovial outer ego that's the center of everyone's attention. Rather than being shunned, she's the one whom everyone wants to play with...this I can say with confidence.


I: On top of 'standard' S&M, your titles also make use of food in conjunction with both teasing about weight and even defilement. Is this a special Director Andou touch?

DA: My titles often include scenes with meals in them such as the master of the house using his foot to tease the crotch of his wife who rests under the table while he eats. The use of messy dishes such as scrambled eggs synchronized with teasing makes for a pleasant scene. Don't you agree?


I: For women wanting more out of their adult videos, what would you recommend?

DA: Easy and pleasurable sex is certainly isn't something regulated to young people. However, I have an urge to delve more into the world of the erotic that is not limited to physical relations solely between men and women. I think knowing more about eroticism makes for a very enjoyable life and ultimately better sex. I want to urge women who may only have had negative sexual experiences to look more into the many ways to express oneself erotically. They may be in for a pleasant surprise.


I: Thus being erotic is more about one's pleasure and the freedom to release it rather than sex as a whole? Does this apply double to women who lack a sex life?

DA: Definitely on both. There's no reason to shut oneself out from pleasure. I'm sure some women in sex-less relationships take it upon themselves to masturbate more often in lieu of being intimate with their husbands. These are the women whom I would love to associate more with. Their wants and worries can make for even better productions. I want women everywhere to be proud of who they are. They don't need to assume the artificial image that men frequently impose upon them.


I: Let's finish with you providing our readers with a message!

DA: Don't classify yourself as a certain type. Everyone has both masochistic and sadist tendencies. Don't abide by the common rules of decency and let your wildest ideas run rampant. This is what makes sex truly enjoyable. I hope you take these words to heart. Please let out a deep breathe and welcome in the world of the erotic.


Director Andou's productions don't take place in some extreme S&M alternate world. They're all based on what can happen in this one. Please enjoy her bewitching world of females binding females.


Interviewed by Miho Fumizuki

Bon Andou's homepage can be found at:


(Translator's note: For those even mildly interested in S&M, please find some time to check out Director Andou's work. Her productions are not incredibly long, but make up for it with fantastic acting, bizarre roleplay that constantly switches, and casts that are mainly all-female. Without a doubt, she's one of Japanese AV's most dedicated directors and has made a niche she can safely call her own.)

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