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If You're Going to Cheat in Japan, Do it With a Shimane Girl

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: October 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: December 8th, 2014

A recent survey shows women from the areas of Japan with lower populations are prime pickings for flings.

Eroticism varies greatly within Japan's 47 prefectures but overall women are becoming more and more promiscuous at night! We will now take this time to present our findings as to where the most promiscuous Japanese women are.

Shimane Prefecture, located in western Honshu's forgotten north, is low in population (ranking next to last after its neighbor Tottori) and high in herbivorous men. This makes the small number of eligible women there prime candidates for flings. According to our survey, it seems like cities in this area that some women now living in Tokyo call their hometowns are where they are likely to return if doing something naughty is on their minds. However, why is it that Shimane Prefecture in particular ranks so high with flings?

The people there can be pretty high-strung emotionally and remaining in frequent contact with ex-boyfriends and girlfriends is commonplace. This type of contact is a recipe for frequent encounters with previous romantic partners. Men from here are known to use this to their advantage.” (Scholar Seitarou Kihara remarks on data analyzed from this survey)

We invited sometimes bodybuilder and mainly Japanese AV actor Ken Shimizu to make a pilgrimage to Shimane to see if the women there are strong and full of pride or easily crumble under the power of professional nanpa.

On one hand, Shimane is home to the Izumo Grand Shrine, which is considered the resting place of many Shinto gods so there's that aspect of hometown pride. However, this pride makes them not used to being put on the submissive side so it's something I can use to my advantage.

Other figures in Japanese AV such as the famous Company Matsuo who has filmed POV movies in nearly every prefecture has more to say on the uniqueness of Shimane women:

There are many perverts in Shimane. The further one gets from the big cities, the stranger sex becomes with elements of cross-dressing, S&M, and more. Many of the women are find taking the lead with ultra-masochistic men. The women here are skilled at having affairs.

Shimane Prefecture may top the charts, but Toyama Prefecture comes in at a very close second.

Toyama is where herbivorous men are numerous and women simply aren't getting enough. Men are not even into affairs leading their spouses to grab the nearest able-bodied partner for a private fling. This is why nanpa missions here are always a big success.” (Ken Shimizu)

Mie Prefecture rounds out the top 3 for easiest places in Japan to have a fling.

People in this region seem a bit less impulsive when it comes to having sex. One night stands are a bit harder to pull off. Going on multiple dates are more likely to result in a good outcome. Affairs also may be difficult to kindle, but once begun, you may find yourself with a very devoted follower.” (Scholar Kihara)

Well, if affairs are on your mind, it's best to make your way to Shimane Prefecture.


(Translator's note: Shimane is one of the more desolate areas of Japan when it comes to the population of young people. Just like with other industrial nations, younger people flock to big cities and even Matsue, Shimane's capital, pales in comparison to Tokyo and the Kansai trifectorate of Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto. Take note that the comments made are by professional's in Japan's AV industry. Ken Shimizu has a ton of nanpa street cred. Your success rate with women from these regions may not be as good if you're suaveness and Japanese language ability isn't up to par.)

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