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Want to be a Japanese AV Extra?

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: April 18th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 5th, 2015

Katou is a frequent extra on Japanese AV sets who talks about how one can find platonic work that still pays well.

With the sales tax now at a whopping 8% (You think that's high...?) and salaries remaining stagnant, more and more people are considering taking on side-jobs. It may be come as a surprise, but some are even looking into working part time in Japan's always-booming adult business doing some light work. Could there really be job opportunities that pay well and are erotically fun? Let's find out!

Make 1,000 yen an hour being on an AV set NOT as a Bukkake Juice Man!

Resident AV expert Katou (an alias), age 38, eases the fears of those who want to be on an AV set while still remaining clothed: “Even if you don't have the courage to masturbate in front of other people, you can still have fun on a Japanese adult video set and get paid for it too. Some jobs even will use mosaic to hide your identity so the chances of being caught are nil.

Japanese AV movies frequently go beyond simple hardcore and include grandiose themes. These are the types of productions where it is possible to be hired on as a set extra.

You can quickly find a few gigs a month,” continues Katou-san who has a lot more to say about his experience being a Japanese AV extra:

There were times when I played a salaryman in an office setting. Other times I was on a train during a chikan shoot. There even was a time when I played the husband of a cheating wife. All I had to do that scene was fake sleep while she had sex next to me. I've always been paid the same day and my commitments never took more than 4 hours. The pay for these longer jobs was guaranteed at 5,000 yen (approx. $50USD) and 1,000 yen for each additional hour. There were many times where I'd leave a set with 10,000 yen in my pocket.

The jobs aren't that frequent so don't expect to make seriously good money at it. This is for fans of AV who don't mind visiting sets in a platonic fashion.

Even longer job commitments mainly consisted of me waiting around. The actual time when the camera rolling with me in the scene was not that long. When not needed on the set itself, it was essentially a paid free period. I could play around on my phone or take out my laptop to get some work done. I basically just had to follow whatever the director asked of me and that was it. It definitely helps being a unique character with a magnetic personality. Directors like working with people like that and you'll probably be offered more jobs.

There actually are a few agencies that help fans of AV find work on sets, but most have already too many people on their books so finding an in is tough.


(Translator's note: Female readers of My Dearest Desire who can understand a little bit of Japanese and also wish to be a clothed AV extra please visit either or Men who wish something similar should either email or call up their favorite AV studio. If they make productions that look like extras are warranted, then you may have an in. Of course, a spouse visa or Japanese permanent residency is required for those who are not Japanese citizens.)

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