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Immediately See Your Own Semen Kit

Immediately See Your Own Semen Kit - Original Japanese Date: October 17th, 2014
English Translation Published: October 17th, 2014

A brand new kit has been released by a Japanese AV company that really lets you see your own semen right away.

(Translator's note: today's entry is less a translation and more of a write-up about a unique new adult product.)


Radix, one of Japan's more unique AV companies with productions that are anything but normal (their four most recent productions are: 1. surfer who poops, 2. a woman who has never had pubic hair, 3. a new half in gyaru drag, and 4. pissing schoolgirls) just released a brand new product via its parent company.


The Immediately See Your Own Semen Kit

Released only a few days ago, the buzz about this device is already quite formidable in Japan. What's more, it actually works!

The pictures on the site make it look like a combination between a minitiure magnifying glass and watch or pad (your pick). The instructions on the site  are in Japanese of course, but usage is very simple:

  1. Pleasure yourself and ejaculate onto somewhere flat such as a table.
  2. Wash and repeat.

  3. Ensure there is a good source of light behind the glass and view!

  4. Place seal into the device under the magnifying glass portion.

  5. Take the yellow seal (10 are included per kit) and affix some of your ejaculate onto it (gloves not included).


So when would a kit like this be useful? Well, if you are concerned about your sperm count, you can see right away if there are any issues. What's more, if you do not see a thing, then visiting a doctor right away is strongly recommended. This kit can serve as an early warning for this type of condition. It also can be a great gift for events such as birthdays, bachelor parties, and anniversaries.

Kits are currently only sold in Japan and they retail for about $15USD apiece (bulk discounts available). If you are a vendor of non-Japanese-speaking adult-oriented goods and are interested in purchasing this for your store/site, please contact My Dearest Desire and we will contact Radix's parent company on your behalf for free.

Why for free? Japan's adult industry is famously creative, but still very conservative and naive at times when it comes to dealing with foreign entities. The better relationships they have with non-Japanese companies the better it will be for everyone as it will bring the adult worlds both in the west and east closer together. This is a win-win for all parties.

Click here to visit the Japanese language site. 

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