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Debuting at a High Class Soapland Part Two

Weekly Playboy - Original Japanese Date: November 8th, 2014
English Translation Published: December 12th, 2014

Japanese soaplands used to be pretty common in cities, but they are starting to vanish. We take a look at one of the more popular ones still in business.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

This was a tough one to make. Should I go with whom I originally reserved or ask for someone else? I was quite lost as to what to do. They were all beautiful and had amazing style, but I was still in a state of indecision. You see, the cutest girl there also had bad manners: she barely cracked a smile and frankly looked downright sulky in her demeanor.

I decided upon the soapland queen with the best smile who looked to be truly enjoying herself. Fortunately, the chirpy demeanor was more than a one-time act. When she took my hand and directed me to our room shortly after, she was in high spirits.

Thank you for choosing me as your playmate.

A very welcomed deep kiss started the following chain of events. She may not have been the cutest woman on staff, but she certainly was a looker easily ranked in the top 10. While kissing me, she made good use of her hands by massaging where it counts most as foreplay for our forthcoming soap event.

Before that though was some sumptuous teasing on the bed—a staple at high class Japanese soaplands everywhere. We had a ton of strategic pleasure on that mattress. Her tongue-work was topnotch and the kisses were never-ending. She knew what to do and there were times when it felt like our romance was closer to a real couple than...well, you know.

After a short break, we crossed into the bathing room and had a bath together where the girlfriend-like experience complete with ample amounts of kissing and more continued. Eventually, it was time for the famous soapland mat play.

Touching was nonstop and she was in high spirits the entire time. The longer I spent with her, the cuter she became. After mat play, we returned to bed for another round of fun. She was good...real good. I did the impossible (for me at least) and came twice in one session!

Having service this good even at a place like a soapland was a rare experience. Even experienced queens rarely performed as well as she did. I asked about her popularity and she mentioned she's quite free early in the day, but nights she's swamped with back-to-back reservations. The type of lineup that I requested for is pretty rare in Japan where one generally selects his companion beforehand via pictures. This is where my foreign friends find fault with our soapland system and I can't really blame them.


Written by Bunzou Nishino


(Translator's note: This was a pretty accurate account at what goes on in a Japanese soapland. Women who become soapland queens are more than just 'kind of' interested in sex. They love the art of lovemaking and put on a fantastic show. There's a reason why soaplands cost as much as the do and it's not just because of the chance to act out one's lascivious fantasies on a soapy air mattress.)

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