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Hitomi Tanaka Interview Part 1

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: January 19th, 2015

Absolutely massive banana shaped breasts make Hitomi a sensation both in Japan and abroad. Read more in a recent interview at My Dearest Desire.

Let's welcome Hitomi Tanaka, a long-time top-ranking Japanese AV star known for her formidable J-cup breasts. Since December of last year, she's been making titles nearly exclusively with Tameiki Goro and with her skill in drama pieces, she has attracted a new slew of dedicated adult video fans. We now hear about her time showcasing her wonderful voluptuous body in a new series of adult videos along with tales from her private life.


Interviewer: A title released not that long ago had you playing an amorous busty bank teller. Is the personality you displayed in it similar to how you act in real life?

Hitomi Tanaka: Maybe I'm a bit antisocial. Sometimes I rather just stay bottled up in private. I can be really shy when meeting people and this goes double if it's our first encounter. However, the more I know someone, the friendlier I become. The role I had in this title was of a naughty bank teller which is pretty far from how I naturally act.


I: You came off as very real in that title. The first half saw you as very submissive, but later on you truly seemed to be enjoying sex. Which of these contrasting scenes did you enjoy more?

HT: I definitely enjoyed the second half more, though I can't say acting all submissive early on did not rile me up for later. The other side of the box art had a closeup of me covered with semen. Truthfully speaking, I did not like being shot like that too much so my sullen reaction was genuine. The second half of the movie was a blast to film. The sex scenes were great and I really enjoyed them through and through. I was not too happy when the time finally came for my coworker to ejaculate on me because I wanted more. The director told me to act annoyed and I did because that's how I really felt!


I: I found myself in a trance staring at your flopping breasts when you were on top. Do they hurt when you have sex like that?

HT: My chest usually does not hurt when I have sex. However, this changes some when my period is approaching.


I: Has your sexual performance changed at all since you started doing AV?

HT: It sure has. On top of that, I'm more in tune to how I can make myself look good. I make an effort to sleep in a good position as well in order to keep my body looking right.


I: You have a way to keep your breasts very visible even during fellatio scenes.

HT: I'm on full alert when there's a camera present.


To be continued...


Written by Atsuhiro Iguchi and Pictures by Chie Tatsumi


(Translator's note: Hitomi Tanaka—or simply Hitomi as she does not use her agency-supplied last name that often—may not look like the sharpest nail with her top-heavy figure, but her answers to both easy and difficult questions throughout this interview were pretty expansive. Don't mark her as a simpleton with big breasts as she's far from it.)

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  • Tom Daniels said:

    I once saw her in a very brief video doing some martial arts moves (maybe karate?). It looks like she knew what she was doing, too, like it wasn't faked, so I got the feeling that she was actually knowledgeable about karate or some other form of martial arts.

    December 26th, 2015 - Reply

  • Mangod said:

    I love Hiromi's versatility as an actresses. She covers the gambit of fetishes as an actress, and it should go without saying But I will say...... She is a stunning knockout. Very beautiful with naturally large breasts that I would love to have a go at.

    January 26th, 2015 - Reply


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