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Hitomi Tanaka Interview Part 2

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: September 2nd, 2014
English Translation Published: January 21st, 2015

Absolutely massive banana shaped breasts make Hitomi a sensation both in Japan and abroad. Read more in a recent interview at My Dearest Desire.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


I: You've so far starred in 8 titles with Tameiki Goro. Any thoughts on them?

HT: There was one where I played a naughty teacher that I felt really good about making. It put me in a sadistic role and I relished every moment of it. However, it's usually easier for me to act out submissive roles since there is less for me to do. With femdom roles, I'm the one in the driver's seat so I have to stay focused and work. My second title with them was essentially the opposite with me being an extremely submissive mother-in-law. This was a tough one because I'm not married and not too familiar with the type of vocabulary my role demanded of me. The sex was good though. What you saw was me truly enjoying it.


I: There also was a title where you starred as a wife instructed to strip on command that had you in the most minuscule bikini I've ever seen.

HT: Ah, that bikini. I hated it. It barely covered me to the point where even if I slightly moved, a nipple would show. I guess it may have looked nice on me and made for a good box cover, but I was anything but fond of it.


I: What kind of swimsuits do you wear in private?

HT: I don't wear any! I don't go to the beach and I don't swim in pools. It would be too distracting being around normal people with breasts like these. Tanning is something I do too easily so if I did end up going to the beach, I'd wear a long T-shirt and shorts.


I: When was the last time you wore a swimsuit in public?

HT: I don't even remember. People would stare, laugh, or even point fingers. Even when I'm in regular clothes, I'll sometimes hear whispering from nearby people about my figure. I'll do my best to hide my body in loose-fitting clothing especially during summertime train rides. However, I did wear a swimsuit when I was on vacation abroad. There are more bigger women outside of Japan so I didn't stick out as much. If anything, that gave me the opportunity to do my own share of staring.


I: You must always be worrying about your chest. There was a very rough title you did portraying a female teacher under less than respectable circumstances. Did you actually end up having a real orgasm during the production?

HT: I had a lot of fun. However, my clitoris is super sensitive so I had to hold back laughter during some of the teasing. This is also why I prefer stimulation inside since I end up enjoying it a lot more.


I: I love the box cover art for Body Conscious Mother. It's pretty funny.

HT: That was a great photo-shoot, but I was pretty nervous since there were a bunch of female extras taking part. It's one thing to shoot scenes with someone, but since they were they in non-sexual roles, it ended up making me really feel really embarrassed.


I: The outfit you wore for that cover was pretty extreme and very, very revealing. I take it you don't have any clothing in your personal arsenal that comes close?

HT: I absolutely do not!


I: What if your boyfriend asked you to dress skimpy for to satisfy a public nudity craving of his?

HT: I'd oblige. I recall doing something like that involving thin ropes back when I was 21. He was a bit of a pervert. He'd even stare naughty daggers into all my girlfriends while getting a hard-on. I'd help him keep his eyes on me by wearing revealing attire that showed off my chest. I was really outgoing back then. I'd never wear now what I threw on then without a thought.


I: What about doing naughty things in class like you did in some films? Has that ever happened?

HT: I love being naughty while trying not to make any noise!


I: That settles it. You are as masochistic as they come. I recall there even was an scene in Body Conscious Mother with lotion play in it.

HT: I love the feel of it against my body. I've never actually done any lotion sex in private, but I have used body soap before.


I: I'm sure your male coworkers respect your lotion skills.

HT: They are surprised but I don't know why since I really don't have much experience with it.


To be concluded...


Written by Atsuhiro Iguchi and Pictures by Chie Tatsumi


(Translator's note: Hitomi made mention here briefly about her time abroad. She has done (and still may...?) photo-shoots and the like for SCORELAND, a company as far as from Japanese AV as they come. The shots are a bit more westernized, but fans of Hitomi and large-breasted voluptuous women should feel at home there.)

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  • Earl Sutter said:

    I would like 2 have Hitomi model some of my t-shirt clothing. Do you have any contact information for booking her for such a sequence? Thank you!

    December 11th, 2015 - Reply

  • Pubes McGee said:

    Sorry to say, but I don't care for her 'Score' work at all. it's way too fetish-y (for me), and she's overly made up, which doesn't suit her at all. Too bad she took this step, but I'm sure she had her reasons.

    October 11th, 2015 - Reply

  • Pubes McGee said:

    I'm torn over her 'Score' work. The quality is (mostly) high, but she's overly made-up which, imo, doesn't suit her. The g/g shoots she did with the western big-breasted models are pathetic - way too fetish-y for me. Won't even mention the fake milking stuff... :(

    October 11th, 2015 - Reply


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