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The Love Doll Revolution: The Interview

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: November 1st, 2014
English Translation Published: January 14th, 2015

Japanese Dutch Wives have always been at the forefront of higher priced self pleasure goods and now a daring company has released a bargain of an alternative.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


We continue now with an interview with A-One about their new line of Dutch Wives:


Interviewer: Tell us about the size of the LOVE VENUS R.

A-One: She's 78 cm while sitting with a head circumference of 48 cm. Her measurements are 77-58-91 and she weighs a slim 1.8 kg. She's made mainly by hand by dedicated craftspeople and entirely within Japan.


I: Totally handmade?! Her design makes her really lifelike. Your team did a great job putting her together.

A1: Right? She's the ideal recreation of a very desirable woman. Even her belly button was done with dedicated expertise. We went above and beyond to ensure her body lines closely match the real thing.


I: I see. That's the wonder of cloth engineering, huh?

A1: The way they are made resulted in a doll that is light and easy to store, but just with enough heft for enjoyable play. Our customers have enjoyed their purchases very much.


I: Are you telling me it's possible to couple with the LOVE VENUS R in the cowgirl position? I've always thought that couldn't be done when being intimate with a Dutch Wife. If it's possible, it opens up a new era of self-pleasure. Even being able to embrace one of this dolls during extra special romantic times is now easier than ever it seems.

A1: We even offer various types of outer and inner wear as separate purchases that the LOVE VENUS R can wear. This can help keep the doll itself clean during periods of harsher romance.


I: Now that you mention it, it does sound like washing these dolls if they become dirty can be quite a chore. It's definitely not an easy task to covertly take one a to a neighborhood laundromat. Have your customers made any requests in regards to this?

A1: Not cleaning related, but we've had requests for softer breasts. Others have asked us to include options via pads and the like to change the breast sizes of the dolls whenever it is so desired. Our specialized versions of Fleshlights are designed to fit within the private area of the LOVE VENUS R. Those worried about insertions without the aid of such a device can wrap themselves up first.


I: I've lucked out too many times to count with women so I think I will be spending many a night regardless of season snuggling with a LOVE VENUS R. Will my luck with real women ever change for the better?

A1: No idea, but we do offer a variety of seasonal wear you can dress your LOVE VENUS R in.


I: Now I know why these new takes on Dutch Wives are so popular! I think all my days from here on out will be arm-in-arm with a LOVE VENUS R!


Written by Kossetsu Hazakura (an alias)


(Translator's note: Although most elect to handle their personal pleasure needs by means of hands and lotion, sometimes taking things up a notch by means of something truly different is well-warranted. The LOVE VENUS R certainly helps in this regards for consumers who have heard of, but are still a bit hesitant to severely empty their wallets to purchase a full-fledged Dutch Wife.)

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