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In Pursuit of Senior Citizen Japanese AV

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 6th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 16th, 2015

More and more Japanese seniors are becoming keen on reviving their desires of all things naughty by means of senior citizen AV titles.

New data by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications has shown that the employment numbers and purchasing power for those between the ages of 58-62 are higher than ever. They also make up a major percentage of the Japanese population receiving medical care in some shape and form. This age bracket of soon-to-be-seniors is emerging as a serious consumer of goods by eclipsing their younger and quite herbivorous counterparts. Seniors today sure have insatiable appetites!

Glory Quest is one Japanese production company amongst many that releases titles starring and oriented for seniors. Forbidden Nursing is their most famous series being released at a pace of approximately one title a month. We now hear from Mr. Maruyama, a producer of senior citizen Japanese AV both for Glory Quest and other AV companies as well:

We consider titles that sell over 1,000 copies to be hits and the output of the Forbidden Nursing series squarely fits into this category. Pseudo-incest titles—especially ones that feature a horny father-in-law are very popular.

These titles aim for realness with their actors. One of the more famous ones already is in his eighties.

The good older actors really have their roles down. They know how to walk, dress, and talk. They even have enough vigor to perform on camera—and perform well! They're way more than regular AV actors and have a very unique chemistry with their female coworkers. Another interesting nugget from the Forbidden Nursing series are the mastication scene where the older father-in-law requests his daughter to chew food into smaller bites before emptying it into his mouth. Fans both male and female are quite fond of scenes like this where food is mixed with erotic play.

Will we see more senior citizens taking part in Japanese AV as their population swells and eventually outpaces the nation's youth?

That won't happen. Your average grandpa has the acting chops of a wooden door. There are not that many who can remain viable AV actors.

Any of you older readers out there who have not seen much bedroom action as of late want to showcase something of a second flame? Now's your chance!


Written by Mugiko Ozaki


(Translator's note: The Forbidden Nursing series is quite popular, but the storyline is essentially unchanged with each release. If you are a fan of a certain Japanese AV star being intimate with a certain older AV actor who moans almost too much, then this series is up your alley. Otherwise, there are better titles out there to satisfy your erotic senior citizen cravings.)

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