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Mia Malkova Interview

Tokyo Sports - Original Japanese Date: December 9th, 2014
English Translation Published: December 26th, 2014

American adult film star Mia Malkova made a short but powerful career for herself as an AV star in Japan and now gracefully makes her exit.

Mia Malkova, a popular porn star in the USA has made big waves here in Japan with a string of well-received releases. However, the end is nigh as she recently announced that she is leaving the hardcore portion of the adult film industry on both sides of the ocean and will be tying the knot. We luckily had the chance to interview this highly popular film star before she departs the scene for good!


Tokyo Sports: So this it, huh? Your final performance.

Mia Malkova: That's right. I married Danny Mountain in July so it's time for me to exit the hardcore adult film stage. However, I remain in awe of Japanese AV.


TS: I hear you're not leaving completely.

MM: Yea, I still plan on doing productions that do not involve actual sex. I intend to only do lesbian films for the next few years. Danny plans to leave the industry for good in about half a year. We'd both stop sooner, but we can curb our jealousy in order to build up a nice nest egg.


TS: What's your take on the Japanese AV industry?

MM: I've been a fan of anime for a long time, but AV was my first real experience within the country itself. The staff on set were extremely courteous and I had a wonderful time. What's more, the only time I've ever had my panties taken off me was here during a shoot.


TS: What's the biggest difference compared to western adult video?

MM: Please don't take offense to this, but I found the sizes of all the actors I was with here to be a bit lacking. Also, how come none of them shave? It was a riot to dig through a forest to find a small erection.


TS: Point taken...

MM: Wonderful.


TS: Do you prefer larger ones?
MM: My husband's is 8 inches (20 cm). I'm used to that size so anything less takes a lot of getting used to.


TS: Which title that you filmed here left the biggest impression on you?

MM: Definitely the one that had me in a soapland. It was a tough shoot. All those things soapland queens do for a living were all new to me so there was a big learning curve. I've also never given a rimjob until this production.


TS: American porn stars don't give rimjobs?

MM: We don't. Even nakadashi (finishing inside without a condom) is all but non-existent. When Danny found out I did a nakadashi scene, he was surprised and furious.


TS: You sure do love him.

MM: Of course. We have sex all the time. Our record is 17 times in one day. I even look at pictures and videos of him when I masturbate. I came 15 times during one 3 hour self-pleasure session while fantasizing about him.


TS: Any really good memories of Japanese AV?

MM: For sure! I really felt the Japanese culture oozing into me when I was having sex on a tatami floor. I also had a blast wearing a schoolgirl uniform. I even received the kimono I wore during one shoot as a gift which I plan to use during some intimate and camera-less encounters with my husband.


TS: Lastly, any messages to your fans?
MM: Thank you so much for jerking off to me. Please enjoy all of my Japanese AV productions.


(Translator's note: Mia Malkova had a short, but surprisingly fruitful career as an AV star in Japan. Funnily, both the article and her official profile claim she was born in Finland, but her Wikipedia entry both in English and Japanese correctly note her birthplace being in the USA. Of course what this interview fails to mention and certainly would not have been asked is just how she was able to have a career in Japan legally. Adult performers do not receive visas and she certainly was not married to a Japanese citizen. Although immigration does not actively hunt for adult video stars, becoming too popular with the authorities may have been an issue.)

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