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Anal and the Law of the Land Part 2

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: December 15th, 2014
English Translation Published: February 13th, 2015

A scandal involving accidentally showing an anus during a Japanese gravure image video and the steps AV stars take to remain relevant and successful.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Now what do Japanese AV stars think the value of their anuses and anal play for that matter are? Before a woman prepares to debut in the industry, anal sex is something discussed during interviews. The top 3 things most fresh-faced AV stars opt not to do at least when they are still in debut mode are anal sex, scat, and S&M. In other words, basically any stranger types of play outside of normal sex and the standard foreplay leading up to it. Of course, with fans loosing interest so quickly due to the same themes being rehashed, the request from agencies for their stars to lift their self-imposed bans on anal play and more are ever-increasing. AV stars who end up doing anal end up having longer shelf lives and even end up making more money than their tight-eyed peers.

An Nanba's a rare case of a long-lasting AV star who has been known to do essentially anything asked of her. Because of this, she's had an incredibly full career by normal actress standards. She is an exceptionally rare case though; other actresses who do lift their self-imposed bans on harder acts of coitus may have longer careers than average, but still burn out sooner than later. Another thing to consider is having anal sex on camera is considered the first steps into harder acts such as double-penetration and once an actress arrives at this level of commitment, requests for softer productions begin to fade away. Some actresses also worry that too much harder sex including anal play and multiple insertions can lead to unsightly-looking genitalia in the long run.

A very prominent adult video star who does a lot of heavy S&M told me that lots of anal play including toys that expand one's rear end makes it real easy for other objects includes hands up to the wrist to easily and smoothly slide in. Taking care of one's anus after these types of shoots is incredibly important so actresses should not consider signing up for these productions if they are on the fence. I hope any AV stars—current or hopeful--reading this take her suggestion to heart.


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Written by Goro Sakagami


(Translator's note: This is where mosaic can sometimes come in handy: not all AV stars have picture-perfect genitalia—especially after years of heavy use. A bit of pixelation can hide these types of repetitive use-based imperfections to add to the fantasy of sexual perfection. However, with mosaic becoming smaller and smaller, hiding behind post-processing magic is becoming rather difficult.)

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