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The Most Famous Newhalf Club in Kabukicho Part One

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: November 20th, 2014
English Translation Published: March 16th, 2015

Newhalf clubs are somewhat a cross between a nightclub and a Japanese hostess club with a combination of private conversations and entertainment for all.

(Update November 2015:  Most likely the bar this article about is HIGE GIRL)

The other day I was invited by a friend who is something of a Tokyo nightlife connoisseur to visit a newhalf bar in Kabukicho (A newhalf is the Japanese word used to identify a MTF transsexual). I first mistook what he said and thought we'd be visiting a bar for gay men and cross-dressers, but I was very mistaken. The bar was not far from the area's police box and was in a nondescript building. The elevator ride up was ho-hum and even the door to enter was pretty standard. However, inside was a totally different world.

I thought I'd be walking to a place full of rowdy men in drag teasing us normal folk amidst an enormously festive atmosphere. I was dead wrong though.

Instead, the establishment itself was big, but in lieu of that dance floor one comes to expect were many tables and sitting at them were some of the most beautiful women I've ever seen. Any prejudices I had about men making the transition to femininity were thrown out the window. Really, every newhalf there was stunning and triumphed even over naturally born women in terms of looks and upkeep.

There were a few female (as in, actual born and raised females) customers in the club and it was really hard to tell them apart from their newhalf peers. All were really attractive and any telltale signs of masculinity from the latter were really hard to spot. From top to bottom, extreme work and maintenance and all around care made these newhalfs indistinguishable from natural women. Even their mannerisms and body language were totally feminine.

They also knew how to talk.

Whether it was the latest topics on the news—both serious or gossip, dirty talk about things happening between the legs, and all around comedic banter, they had it all down solid. Never once during any of these skilled bouts of conversations did the let down their feminine character.

To be concluded...


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Written by Aoi Hanazono


(Translator's note: The popularity of Japanese newhalf's have been on a slow burn upwards these last few years. They first appeared mainly as comic relief on variety TV, but have branched out as of late and are simply another face in the crowd without a shred of discrimination. Most big cities have multiple clubs staffed by newhalfs though expect to pay through the nose.)

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  • Mr. sir said:

    Excellent article but as a first timer to Kabukicho, all I found was a club that would not allow me to enter because I do not speak Japanese - which is too bad as I was prepared to pay to play. As you pointed out, I am sure there are other more discreet clubs to attend but it would be helpful if this article informed us of how to find such places.

    June 28th, 2015 - Reply


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