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The Most Famous Newhalf Club in Kabukicho Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: November 20th, 2014
English Translation Published: March 18th, 2015

Newhalf clubs are somewhat a cross between a nightclub and a Japanese hostess club with a combination of private conversations and entertainment for all.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

(Update November 2015:  Most likely the bar this article about is HIGE GIRL)

It was a rowdy atmosphere full of all the exposed cleavage any man could ever want. The service was top notch and the eye candy was in a class by itself. They were pretty hands-on and didn't mind too much if their male customers got a little frisky as well. Even customers not on their best behavior were handled by the newhalf staff in a fun matter full of smiles and mirth. They sure knew how to perform their jobs and ensure all customers—even tipsy ones stepping over the line—felt welcomed. Perhaps the newhalfs working here enjoy the dominant nature hostessing in this fashion provides?

Eventually it was time for the main show. The newhalfs who were so bacchanalian and carefree shortly ago also could dance—and they did so with gusto. Their performance art was a serious deal and it was very obvious they put a lot of time into ensuring their movements were delivered with professional precision. This was no hokey drag queen show.

It wasn't all serious though. They did find time to combine the latest idol craze by modifying popular music with themes of anal sex and they did it amazingly well. I was in awe. This whole scene was new to me so I was totally naive with something of an information-overload nosebleed.

This was more than a simple cross dressing bar. This was a certified Japanese newhalf club. They're packed especially on Sundays where every table is full with customers. This club by far is the most popular of its kind in Kabukicho. Host clubs are places I've never had an ounce of fun at, but I have no issues visiting this newhalf club again and again. It was 2 hours well spent.

For those used to going out to bedizened hostess clubs and the like, visiting a newhalf club instead is very worthwhile. Muster up the confidence and go for a visit! Some of these clubs have even been featured in the media so they are growing Japanese nightlife sensation.


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Written by Aoi Hanazono


(Translator's note: It sounds like Aoi had a great time and by all rumors accumulated, her experience was not unusual. These newhalf clubs are pretty fun places to visit for either gender (or those in between). Everyone and anyone of drinking age is welcomed to visit. The atmosphere can be rowdy and very uplifting and certainly beats the smokey vibe of host and hostess clubs.)

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