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Opera Singer Teacher Uncensored AV Distribution Part 2

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: December 17th, 2013
English Translation Published: May 1st, 2015

Already gaining fame as an opera singer and school teacher, an ambitious Japanese woman also does AV and released work without any mosaic censorship.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Her breakthrough release was directed by the "Father of Japanese Adult Video", Tadashi Yoyogi in 2010. Here, she was one of the three woman taking part in anal training. Along with her aforementioned stage name, she was credited as an opera singer.

Judges watched as a group of actors one after another taught her and the other two actresses the ropes of successful anal play and then judged their performances. When it was time for S-san to introduce herself, actors and judges alike were in disbelief. They did not really think she was an opera singer until she gave an impromptu vocal performance. Both judges and actors were floored and gave her a standing ovation.

She definitely had experience and then some with vocal training. Actors commented that her breathing and aural performance during coitus sounded a lot different than normal AV stars. Most women—even outgoing AV stars—are not as loud as she was which left even seasoned actors surprised. When she had her anus teased, her voice was loud, high, and furiously powerful. When she was spread on the sofa for missionary, it sounded like she was one step away from ascending to Nirvana. After her turn was complete, she was all smiles while commenting how she used more of her body during this production than she ever does during opera training.

This title about anal play was her first major foray into Japanese adult video, but not her last by far. She liked what she experienced and decided to stick around for awhile. She changed her stage name again, but this was the one that stuck and eventually was tied to the uncensored work she appeared in leading to her arrest.


(Translator's note: the article did not explicitly mention how she was distributing her uncensored work, but the fact is it was made and there wasn't much work done to protect her identify. Computer skills may not have been her forte and also may have been her and the director's down-bringing. Although the actual article gives her stage name and lists some of her movies, we've elected not to due to providing her some level of privacy. It's the issue itself that is newsworthy, not who specifically was in it.)

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