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Dry Orgasms with the CORE FAN Part 2

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: January 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: May 27th, 2015

Introducing the CORE FAN by A-ONE, a pleasure toy for men that is all about pleasurably stimulating the taint and inducing dry orgasms.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


MC: The CORE FAN seems to be the first of its kind. Were there any issues during the R&D process?

A1: We certainly did. There was essentially zero information out there in regards to correct and pleasurable stimulation of the taint. How hard should we have it vibrating? How long? In what fashion? None of this existed. We actually did receive some complaints from users of the first iteration of the product in regards to using lubrication. With new territory, this was to be expected so we're fine with disclosing some of the criticism we initially received. However, users have also told us how much longer and more powerful both erections and overall feelings of pleasure are when using the CORE FAN.

MC: It sounds like this can be grouped in with nipple stimulation toys for men where the goal isn't necessarily to ejaculate at the end.

A1: That's correct! The CORE FAN is all about the pleasurable feelings before ejaculation. That's what we set out to make when creating this product and we think it will attract many fans. Sales are rising as more and more men try out this unique item.

MC: Dry orgasms are still not that well known amongst men. Is there a method for achieving it?

A1: It varies on the person, but the degree of pleasure one can achieve from a dry orgasm may not be much at first. In fact, initial attempts may be somewhat difficult. However, the more one attempts it, the easiest it becomes to achieve one. What makes dry orgasms unique is the extended pleasure one feels throughout his entire body without the need of ejaculation. I recommend those reading this consider adding the CORE FAN to their arsenal of pleasure devices.

I recall a famous Japanese comedian remarking offhandedly of course about the merits of anal stimulation for men. Perhaps he was hinting at having dry orgasms? Now's the time to attempt using a CORE FAN so make the best of it and all the unique outlets of pleasure that it can provide.


Written by Kossetsu Hazakura


(Translator's note: Dry orgasms have always had an air of mystery around them. They can be described in detail, by those who have supposedly experienced them, but having one is still a mighty feat. The CORE FAN is said to help bring one closer to this path to boundless pleasure where the fun doesn't end when one ejaculates. Does it really live up to its hype?)

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