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When AV Actors are Caught by Parents and Girlfriends Part 1

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 23rd, 2014
English Translation Published: June 29th, 2015

A new book was released about the lives both public and private of Japanese AV actors featuring a very interesting interview with Genjin Moribayashi.

Osamu Suzuki, a writer for broadcast TV, has recently published a book where he had in-depth discussions with famous AV actors and directors such as Ken Shimizu, Genjin Moribayashi, Hiroshi Shimabukuro (the jovial host of the BakoBako Bus Series), Company Matsuo, and more. His talk with these monumental male figures in Japanese AV has led to the December 23rd publication of a book about them. There, talk continues outside the industry to their relationships both with their parents and love lives as well. We now talk with Genjin Moribayashi about being caught by family and friends.


Osami Suzuki: I see you in a ton of AV movies.

Genjin Moribayashi: So you watch a lot of newhalf movies?


OS: Not at all! I'm referring to regular movies. I've never seen a newhalf movie in my life! Anyway, why do you do AV?

GM: To be succinct, I wanted to be closer to the mosaic. To expand, my fascination actually began way back when I was in grade school. It was really competitive as it was attached to the famous Tsukuba University.


OS: Wow, I hear that's a really good prep school.

GM: Yea, well, all I remember mainly is jerking off and that's what I did all through my time as a student there...everyday!


OS: What about college?

GM: I went to Senshuu University, but I failed my exams the first time around.


OS: You failed and couldn't get into any super top-ranked schools in spite of your pre-college pedigree?

GM: I tried to, but those exams defeated me. I also didn't really enjoy my time as a college student when I finally became one. I actually read an article in the Nikkan SPA around this time about people who feel out of place. This was also around the time I found my first adult video gig as a Bukkake Juice Man. I already masturbated nearly nonstop so I took a strong liking to this line of work...a very strong liking.


OS: It sounds like the Nikkan SPA was how you kick-started your AV career.

GM: Yup, and I called an AV studio right away and landed on set with erection ready for action. I came easily and that's how I started in this business at age 20.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: The juicy parts about almost being caught by his family and girlfriend will be in the second part of this interview. Although AV actresses are the ones the spotlight generally focuses on, it's generally the male acting staff that has the sweeter stories to tell as their careers in the industry span more than just a few scant years. What's more, AV stars generally are very sheltered from the real drama of the set which actors quite often feel the brunt of.  Genjin himself claims to have slept with thousands of people—a feat pretty remarkable in itself!)

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