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Japanese Idols Dating Fans? Part Two

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 12th, 2014
English Translation Published: January 30th, 2015

Japanese idols have always had to follow strict rules about staying pure and boyfriend-free, but things are slowly but surely changing.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


The group's youngest member, Ran Takahashi refutes this by noting “we love the gestures, but we rather pay our own way out of debt. We got ourselves in this mess in the first place and feel it's best to not rely on help in getting out of it.”

This unique Japanese idol group consists of an interesting mixing of women: there's the ideal I-want-a-rich boyfriend type with Akino Fujiwara and then there's Ran Takahashi who likes men who aren't in debt. Kanami Yoda possibly a gambler wants a lover who does not share her possible vice. They are certainly all idols of our debt-payback era. It's kind of interesting how we normal folk can view their struggles with equal mixes of pity and awe.

Is dating Japanese idols really possible?

Idol agencies are becoming laxer with their dating rules. The one that the famous Erina Kamiya belongs to allows their talent to date people so long as they are not in the industry. Once upon a time even this was frowned upon and idols who were discovered taking part in romantic relationships faced early retirements.

I see friends having relationships and always felt left out. My image seems to get in the way of finding love. I'm always working nearly everyday in public so finding time is also an issue. However, reading romance manga do make me feel somewhat...” (Erina Kamiya)

With The Margarines and the talent at the agency Erina Kamiya belongs to at least, dating a Japanese idol is possible. What's more, idols of groups with stricter dating rules cannot shun themselves from the want of romance forever. Something's gotta give eventually.

Many of my friends from back home are married are in the process of arriving there. I'm starting to feel quite anxious and worried about my future. I'd love to become the ideal wife sometime soon, but that still remains uncertain...” (Erina Kamiya)

Everyone's getting older—even the current crop of Japanese idols—and time is of the essence. It's time for them to take some risks and start dating fans!


(Translator's note: Erina Kamiya is a good example of a Japanese idol judging the possibilities of breaking free of the industry's vice-like grip on its talent. Hopefully she finds what she's looking for in love and more. The Margarines have a unique story to their need for success with the financial burdens of normalcy pushing them towards their dreams of a truly independent life. Sales are questionable though. They do not seem to be a relative fixture on TV like their idol peers.)

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