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When Japanese Idols Decide Enough's Enough

Nikkan SPA - Original Japanese Date: December 15th, 2014
English Translation Published: February 8th, 2016

Japanese idols generally are told to shun dating but there are a select few who are very open about their sexual wants and needs.

The ears (and more...) of men across Japan perked up when hearing about some of the illicit dating happening in the ranks of AKB48's rival idol unit, the Nogizaka46. News of this scandal broke hard and fast and became a fixture in the tabloids near instantly. Men now know being intimate with their favorite idols is an actuality rather than just a forbidden fantasy. Let's find out more about how to make this a reality!

Marrying an idol is no longer just a dream!

Idols once upon a time were all about being that girl next door that you could theoretically woo and eventually settle down with.

I'm totally fine with the image of attainable love that we're known for. However, love at first site is something I don't really subscribe to. I'll have to meet someone again and again before I can truly develop any romantic feelings. This outlook is probably the same one most women—famous or not—share. Being part of this idol industry does make us have somewhat of a warped view of men and many also do of us. We're sometimes shoehorned into the category of being women who only tease due to our work commitments.” (Eri, an alias)

One way to meet Japanese idols one-on-one is via their paid meet-and-greet sessions. There, for a short time you can chat and shake hands—and possibly slip her your number as well.

Some idols such as Yuki Tanaka expressed some level of sexual frustration and the desire for some men to be more at ease with her at these events. She also remarked on her more risque past with a previous boyfriend where kinky sex such as outdoor coitus and light S&M with nearly nonstop fellatio was so frequent she developed a mild case of temporomandibular joint disorder. She may be an idol, but she has hinted at a past more reminiscent of someone who has spent some time in Japan's expansive brothel network.

She's also remarked that in spite of only having 3 boyfriends, she's slept with over 30 men. Her method of seduction was luring men she took a fancy to into private booths at izakayas where real naughtiness could occur unperturbed.

It was less about dating and more about me just wanting to have sex and having a single boyfriend was nowhere near sufficient.” (Yuki Tanaka)

Yuki Tanaka sits somewhat uncomfortably in the gray area between a full-fledged idol and something more akin to a lascivious gravure model due to her quite open sexual history.

I feel energized when singing at outdoor live events. It's almost better than sex. It's like I'm a melting candle oozing naughtiness all over my fans.”

She couldn't hold back her sexual urges forever and has resumed a somewhat promiscuous lifestyle after she turned 26. Is this really in her best interest? Either way, it's nice to see more Japanese idols out in the open about all aspects of being an adult instead of the over-saturation of idols leading sheltered lives behind the iron-clad gates of old-school agencies.

(Translator's note: some Japanese idols may be very outgoing about what goes on at night in camera-less settings—or sex. However, most aim for the stability that being a proper idol entails. This means dating is still off-limits for just about all and all interactions with fans are closely monitored and controlled. Acting out and being open about oneself is just asking to be pounding back in just like that metaphorical nail in Japanese society that sticks out just a bit too far...)

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