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Woman Excretion Family Group aka HAISETSU Interview Part 1

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 30th, 2015

A fantastic and highly detailed interview with a very unique producer of maniac Japanese AV movies.

The Woman Excretion Family Group (HAISETSU for short) is a bona-fied maniac Japanese production company that has been making unique fetish titles for several years now., our partner site, recently successfully traversed a licensing deal and HAISETSU agreed to dedicate some of their valued time to provide an exclusive and massive 4-part interview with My Dearest Desire.


For those who want to know more about the ins and outs of truly fetish-quality Japanese AV, read on...


My Dearest Desire: What is HAISETSU and what makes you unique?

HAISETSU: The Woman Excretion Family Group, under the supervision of our director Benzou Sanuntei, is a Japanese AV production company whose goal is to produce movies focused on the embarrassment of Japanese women while they use the bathroom. Excretion and other related bodily functions are the crux of our label. Everyone is capable of these these natural acts, but it takes a certain knack to film them in a way that is production-level eye candy. Our company does not produce any titles involving the consumption of fecal matter and the like. We, like most people do not find that appealing. Rather, we release titles all about the act of natural defecation itself without dipping into any overtly controversial sexual acts. Other makers of Japanese scat AV may delve further, but this is where we draw the line. The HAISETSU group is more about producing high quality and unique AV titles and less about simply making money.


MDD: When did HAISETSU start producing AV?

HAI: Our main director has been producing adult video since 2000 with the majority of his output being fetish and maniac-oriented ('maniac' Japanese AV generally refers to what is known as 'extreme fetish' adult video in the west).


MDD: HAISETSU makes a lot of titles that feature scat. I have heard that scat shown in Japanese AV is not real feces, but a mixture of chocolate and other things. Can you confirm?

HAI: You're right in that many Japanese AV makers fake bowel movements in scat productions. We're actually one of the few companies—if not the only one—that does not. What you see is actual defecation without the need for any foul play. Most studios have their own recipes for creating fake poop. For example, mixing pumpkins and various candy together to emulate the real thing. This is probably done for productions that feature the simulated eating and fornicating over fecal matter.


Japanese actress (who actually is a real virgin) requests permission to fart


MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan. How do you feel about having your work properly shown on a site like ZENRA?

HAI: We're very happy to have found a foreign partner such as ZENRA with similar interests. From my own searches across the internet, there do not seem to be too many production companies—both Japanese and foreign—that produce content like ours so we're pleased to have a new outlet to showcase some of our works abroad.


MDD: Where do you see HAISETSU in a few years from now? What kind of titles will you be making?

HAI: We'll probably still be producing titles about the themes we love best: defecation, urination, and flatulence produced by embarrassed Japanese women. With a decent enough budget, we hope to produce even more unique titles that push the boundaries of this unique subset of Japanese maniac AV. Unfortunately, we're still somewhat bootstrapped so our titles are still pretty basic at the moment (we disagree!). With enough time and experience—and a larger budget, too—we hope to further expand our output and distribution both domestically and internationally as well.


To be continued...

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