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Woman Excretion Family Group aka HAISETSU Interview Part 3

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 28th, 2015
English Translation Published: April 3rd, 2015

A fantastic and highly detailed interview with a very unique producer of maniac Japanese AV movies.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Although Japan may be strict with mosaic, the actual content of AV movies seems relatively unregulated. Scat, rape, lolita, and more seem to be allowed. Do you think it's ironic how censorship is strict, but studios are allowed to produce titles without any theme restrictions?

HAISETSU: It is a bit strange, yes. Lolita, at least, has been a bit more regulated as of late. I'm not a fan of it and also am not too fond of rape productions. However, I feel that adult video is a necessary outlet of letting out one's bottled up emotions so some types of extreme genres should be allowed to run their course. Of course, all those taking part should be over 18 and consenting to be on camera. It's hard for us to view scat in a bad light since that's our bread and butter. With rape and lolita to some extent, violence and doing things against one's will are part of the production themes so those in the industry not fond of these titles are quite numerous. I feel that productions like these where violence is a major theme do more damage to the Japanese adult video industry then help foster creativity. With scat—at least the kind we produce where eating and frolicking in it are nowhere to be found—it's harder to find people taking the same negative stand. Sex is normal and defecation is also natural for all living things so we find it odd that it's sometimes seen in such a negative light.


MDD: If budget was no concern, what type of production would you like to create?

HAI: I'd love to make a big budget heroine flick with great special effects, but also a big emphasis on (multiple?) excretion scenes. For example, something that mixes The Hunger Games and bowel movements by the lead actress...or a female elf from Lord of the Rings emptying herself or a female lead from Star Wars embarrassingly using the bathroom.


MDD: Can you tell us what was the most extreme production you have ever worked on?

HAI: If we're just talking HAISETSU productions, then it would have to be The Manual to Emergency Toilet Usage. In this title, we instruct women on the proper use of the types of toilets used in disaster situations. During their trials and demonstrations, there were many incidents of embarrassing accidents. Until now, there's never been a title like this within our range of production. This is a fantastic title for those really into women making bashful bathroom mishaps and it uses types of toilets that are not very well-known. Less adult versions of this theme have actually been covered on regular TV.


MDD: What genres do you think will become more popular in the near future? Which ones will become less?

HAI: I think there will be more focus on adult manga in the future. 2D art opens up a many types of fantasies that are hard to emulate with actual people so I see this gaining traction and possibly eroding the need for living AV.


MDD: Are the farts produced in your flatulence titles authentic? Or do you use a air pump?

HAI: Believe it or not, a good deal of the farts in these productions are real. We do sometimes use pumps and air enemas, but we also teach the actresses various ways to produce farts on their own. The exact methods within the HAISETSU arsenal to produce real farts are a trade secret however.


To be concluded...

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