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Interview with Ganari Takashi: What's Next For AV? Part 1

Weekly Playboy - Original Japanese Date: July 11th, 2014
English Translation Published: April 13th, 2016

Ganari Takahashi is the ultra charismatic head of one of the largest Japanese AV companies and his mind is picked in this three part interview.

Soft on Demand, the Japanese AV conglomerate has now been in business for over 20 years. Their charismatic leader, Ganari Takahashi, has always been the crux of popularity with his almost cult-like charisma that tabloid magazines have zeroed in on with much gusto in recent years.


Ganari Takahashi has also the mastermind behind some of the cornerstones of unique Japanese AV such as the Magic Mirror Series. Surprisingly, he left the company that turned adult video on its head back in 2005 to start a new life in organic agriculture, but returned to take command not too long ago. How did Soft on Demand fare during his absence? How will Japanese AV as more and more uncensored material on the internet becomes a very real competition? Let's hear more from the man of legend himself!


Weekly Playboy via Excite News: You recently directed a massively well-received title about SOD's history back in July. Your thoughts on it?

Ganari Takahashi: Our company's sliding.


WP: Say again?

GT: I'm talking about the fighting spirit of our output. There's less money, time, and less cute girls! The pressure to produce is way up, but the ability to do so is in the doldrums. God is the media and the media is God and that's what we're up against!


WP: OK...

GT: That title that came out in July had the time and financial backing to make something great, but it didn't come to be! It didn't sell well and all in all we lost damn near 20 million yen on it (approximately $200,000USD)! How many times did we have to go to Okinawa for re-shoots? I lost count!


(Quick note : Last July's big release overseen by Ganari Takahashi consisted of recreations of some of their most famous stunts from the past.)


To be continued...


(Translator's note: Nearly a quarter of a mil on a single title is insanely rare for a Japanese AV title. It's only happened a few times in the distant past and never this decade until now. It's a shame the title didn't do as well as Mr. Takahashi hoped, but it'd have to be an extreme success to recoup the amount put in which was rare back before his first retirement and damn near impossible now.)

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