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TANBIKAI, Where Nose Torture is Most Alive, the Interview Part 2

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: May 13th, 2015

An exclusive interview with the original Japanese nose torture BDSM AV production company TANBIKAI.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Where do you see TANBIKAI in a few years from now? What kind of titles will you be making?

Eizoh Chiba of Tanbikai: I think I'll still be filming comfortably within the world of S&M with fresh masochistic faces.


MDD: Can you tell us any interesting stories on set?

ECT: There are many. I've worked with women who have never been bound before stepping onto my set, but have ended up absolutely loving the experience. There also are many who have acted so adorable the moment ropes touched their skin.


MDD: We frequently receive email from English-speaking fans of Japanese AV who would love to be in a shoot. Can the take part somehow?

ECT: They sure can. Please email me in English at (this is no empty jest! A few years ago, a woman from California was in two TANBIKAI productions).



MDD: Where does TANBIKAI get its ideas from?

ECT: This is a tough question. I want to showcase women in their rawest form. Fake moaning and other adult theatrics I greatly dislike.


MDD: TANBIKAI titles feature unique devices. Do you make these yourself?

ECT: They are mostly handmade. Some take up to a month to craft. The only mass-produced items I use during shoots are the enema tubes.


MDD: Do you think being bound by mosaic regulation helps or hurts Japanese AV?

ECT: It really depends on the title. I think it doesn't hurt too much if it's added in a tasteful way.


MDD: Can you tell us the process you undergo when planning and shooting a production?

ECT: It takes TANBIKAI about one month to push out a release. Compared to other production companies, this is pretty fast. The reason why we can release titles so quickly is because everything from the shooting, the editing, mosaic application, and jacket art are done in-house.


MDD: What are the reactions AV stars have when you approach them with the idea of appearing in a TANBIKAI title?
ECT: 'No' is what we hear often when asking relatively well-known Japanese AV stars. However, there are many women in Japan who do want to be tied up and teased so the pool for possible talent is not lacking. We've even had women who simply want to be teased and tied up without any financial compensation.


MDD: Although Japan may be strict with mosaic, the actual content of AV movies seems relatively unregulated. Scat, rape, lolita, and more seem to be allowed. Do you think it's ironic how censorship is strict, but studios are allowed to produce titles without any theme restrictions?

ECT: I can't say I like nor dislike the current state of censorship in Japan, but it sure is interesting. In the end, it's hard to really decide what exactly 'obscenity' is and where to draw the line. This is a decision that only one person cannot make.


To be concluded...

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