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TANBIKAI, Where Nose Torture is Most Alive, the Interview Part 3

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: May 15th, 2015

An exclusive interview with the original Japanese nose torture BDSM AV production company TANBIKAI.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: If budget was no concern, what type of production would you like to create?

Eizoh Chiba of Tanbikai: Another very tricky question. I'd love to continue what I am doing with current productions, but instead of having each shoot last only a few hours, have a title that takes place over an entire month of nearly nonstop teasing and S&M play.


MDD: Can you tell us what was the most extreme production you have ever worked on?

ECT: There was a title I made some years ago that took place over a 24 hour period.

This title...


MDD: What genres do you think will become more popular in the near future? Which ones will become less?

ECT: I haven't given it much thought. My focus was, is, and will always be on maniac productions regardless of what's popular at the moment. It's best to film what one truly is passionate for or you'll burn out very quickly.


MDD: Where do you see the Japanese AV industry 10 years from now?

ECT: We'll see more productions in 4K and even 3D as well. There will be also more users viewing media on their smartphones. I worry that with the push for technology over uniqueness, the only producers of AV in the future will be big companies and now is the best time to be making maniac productions.


MDD: As a Japanese AV company based in Japan and bound by censorship rules, do you feel any ill will to the recent popularity of uncensored productions?

ECT: It's interesting to see how titles in America do not use mosaic. Sometimes it makes things better, but there are times when the art is lost on focusing on cheap thrills. The true value of a production can be lost if directors only want to focus on certain aspects of lovemaking that do not necessarily have to be covered up.


MDD: Do you think rules regarding scat in AV will become stricter? Viewing this type of content in countries like USA is a gray area, but selling it by means of credit card is not allowed.

ECT: I've a feeling we'll see increased scrutiny with harder S&M and rape titles. However, I don't think scatology titles will be lumped together since they aren't always viewed as erotic adult works. I'm saddened that it's hard to distribute scat titles in the states since some such as what we at TANBIKAI produce are more than just shock pieces.



MDD: Do you feel that being an independent AV company has given you more freedom to put your vision to film?

ECT: Very much so. There are not many production companies that can do what we do. Big AV production companies have to make titles that will sell well so it's nigh on impossible for them to consider branching out into truly maniac adult video.


MDD: TANBIKAI movies are unique in that they are not overtly sexual. Women do get naked and there are closeups of genitalia, but actual acts of sexuality are never performed. Is this intentional? Do you ever plan on including harder productions in the future?

ECT: I don't necessarily view S&M and sex as different entities, but mixing acts like fellatio and intercourse in TANBIKAI titles is something I haven't given much thought to. It's possible I could consider including more mutually sexually acts in future productions.


ECT: I'd also like to point out my displeasure in seeing how foreign S&M websites sometimes use words such as 'SLAVE' and 'SLUT'. The women who take part in these productions both here in Japan and abroad are neither slaves nor whores. They should be respected by everyone. I prefer to call the women who take part in TANBIKAI productions 'MASOCHISTIC WOMEN'--or M-WOMEN for short.

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