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FETIS, The Interview Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: March 2nd, 2015

FETIS is a new Japanese AV production company that focuses on very specific facets of fetishes and whose titles generally star large women.

FETIS is a boutique Japanese AV production company focusing mainly on extremely peculiar fetishes involving sniffing. Food—not regular eats, but the more traditionally Japanese kind such as natto also come into play. Being a new production company, FETIS only has several titles so far to its name, but most star a rarity in Japanese AV: big beautiful women. On top of running FETIS, their parent company also holds FETI-FES, a fetish-themed festival held several times a year in a unique building known for being used in many AV productions. The president of FETIS describes FETI-FES as an erotic amusement park for those into all things kinky. The festival is open to all over 18 who are in the Tokyo area so if you are in town, please visit their website for more information.


All this week, we will be posting an original interview with the head of both FETIS and FETI-FES, Sade Satou.


My Dearest Desire: What is FETIS and what makes you unique compared to other AV production companies?

FETIS: I feel like we're an AV maker walking the fine line between porn and art. What we make is a combination of the two. That our work sometimes is referred to both of these makes us unique in the world of adult video production. Rather than making what's a hot-seller at the moment, I focus on things I want to make first and foremost.


MDD: How long have you been producing AV?

FET: About 3 years.


MDD: FETIS seems to focus a lot of smelling things. Why this fetish?

FET: There are many fetishes I am fond of. However, I notice other AV makers not producing any titles focusing on the sense of smell so that's what I have dedicated the bulk of FETIS' output in. On top of that, I'm also very fond of actresses who are BBW and strive to show them beautifully in my titles. Other makers sometimes use larger women, but they rarely seem to have the knack for capturing their beauty.


MDD: FETIS also makes titles that feature scat. I have heard that frequently scat shown in Japanese AV is not real feces, but a mixture of chocolate and other things. Can you confirm?

FET: We don't deceive our fans with face feces. What you see in our titles is the real deal. Anything less would be blasphemous.

(Matsu Sumire cosplaying in a FETIS title which will appear on ZENRA later this year)

MDD: Many Japanese AV companies have no idea how popular their work is outside of Japan. How do you feel about having your work properly shown on a site like ZENRA?

FET: I love foreign adult films. I've been watching both Traci Lords and Ginger Lynn since they started in the 1980's. Working with ZENRA has been great as it allows me an outlet for people around the world to see my work.


MDD: Where do you see FETIS in a few years from now? What kind of titles will you be making?

FET: Even more art porn than I release now.


To be continued...

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  • Drewsan said:

    I have a deep Respect to Mr Sade San.He Understand Us and Our Sniff and Bad Smell Fetish!!!

    February 17th, 2016 - Reply


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