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FETIS, The Interview Part Two

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: March 4th, 2015

FETIS is a new Japanese AV production company that focuses on very specific facets of fetishes and whose titles generally star large women.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Can you tell us any interesting stories on set?

FETIS: We've been covered by various feminine fluids not just limited to squirting orgasms during shooting. There's also been two instances so far of broken cameras due to explosive orgasms.


MDD: I frequently receive email from English-speaking fans of Japanese AV who would love to be in a shoot. How can they go about taking part?

FET: They sure can. Just contact us for more information.


MDD: Where does FETIS get its ideas from?

FET: I put to picture what turns me on erotically.


MDD: Do you think being bound by mosaic regulation helps or hurts Japanese AV?

FET: The legal requirement to apply mosaic to genitals in Japan has led to the creation genres that are very unique compared to western adult video. This is a good thing, but I still find mosaic over genitalia to be a hindrance.


MDD: Can you tell us the process you undergo when planning and shooting a production?

FET: I think our process is pretty much the same as other makers.


MDD: What are the reactions AV stars have when you approach them with the idea of appearing in an FETIS title?

FET: There isn't much of a reaction by them, really. I explain what I'd like them to do in terms of fetish play and go from there.


MDD: Although Japan may be strict with mosaic, the actual content of AV movies seems relatively unregulated. Scat, rape, lolita, and more seem to be allowed. Do you think it's ironic how censorship is strict, but studios are allowed to produce titles without any theme restrictions?

FET: There's a connection with Japanese culture nowadays and the direct display of genitalia. It's almost a reminder of the time a hint of sunlight through a thin shoji sliding door would give a taste to the outside viewer as to what's happening on the other side. The Japanese and our adult industry are similar in that although we acknowledge the shoji door of privacy and what can and cannot be shown, we do find yearnings to see what's on the other side.


MDD: If budget was no concern, what type of production would you like to create?

FET: A grandiose set piece with huge cast of beautiful people.


MDD: Can you tell us what was the most extreme production you have ever worked on?

FET: There were two I did where one featured a very zoomed in scene of a famous AV star picking her nose and showing off her findings and another where the model made onigiri (rice balls) with her armpit (both titles will be featured on ZENRA at a later date!).


MDD: What genres do you think will become more popular in the near future? Which ones will become less?

FET: Popular? More and more fetish pieces of extreme nature starring cute Japanese women. Not popular? Adult videos that seem to combine sex with sports. I've seen a lot of these abroad and they're not that great.


MDD: Where do you see the Japanese AV industry 10 years from now?

FET: Bigger and better really. AV will be more popular and well-known worldwide as time goes by. It will also be seen less as 'porn' and more as art.

MDD: On top of running FETIS, you also run FETI-FES. Can you tell us about it?

FET: Thank you for asking. FETI-FES is a festival I run that is essentially a border-less crossroad between erotic fetishes, performance art, cosplay, and even features appearances by famous Japanese AV stars. It's an event spanning several days where both fans and artists of alternative adult culture in Japan can mingle. There, independent creators of all things unique can show off their wares along with nearly nonstop performances and more. This is one of the few places in Japan where such a huge group of like-minded individuals gather and a great sounding board to showcase new and very unique fetish-oriented products. That is what FETI-FES is all about.

(Visit FETI-FES on Facebook!)


To be concluded...


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