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FETIS, The Interview Part Three

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: March 6th, 2015

FETIS is a new Japanese AV production company that focuses on very specific facets of fetishes and whose titles generally star large women.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)

My Dearest Desire: As a Japanese AV company based in Japan and bound by censorship rules, do you feel any ill will to the recent popularity of uncensored productions?

FETIS: I don't like mosaic and I bet most companies will try to do as much as they can legally to get around it.


MDD: Do you think rules regarding scat in AV becoming stricter? Viewing this type of content in countries like USA is a gray area, but selling it by means of credit card is not allowed.

FET: I can't say for sure my feelings on this. I really don't know. I do feel that scat for the time being is safe.


MDD: Do you feel that being an independent AV company has given you more freedom to put your vision to film?

FET: Very much so. We can do what we want without repercussions.

MDD: You recently directed an eroguro movie called MAI-CHAN's Daily Life:THE MOVIE. The trailer on Youtube seems to truly represent your motivation of combing art and adult video and then some. Can you tell us more about this movie and how it came about? Also, eroguro is not well known at all. Can you tell us more about this new genre?

FET: I wanted to make a movie that was more art-focused so if anything, MAI-CHAN's Daily Life:THE MOVIE was more that than adult video although the latter was present in some tiny amount. My movie on it was originally based off the manga penned by Waita Uziga. As for eroguro, Wikipedia probably sums it up best. It's essentially a unique Japanese play on the English words, erotic and grotesque. It differs from more traditional artistic expression with its extreme focus on visual shock. One way of looking at it is a mixture of the gore from horror movies mixed in with very sexual activities.

Eroguro is a great example of counterculture in art. More image examples of eruguro can be found at Google. Eroguro can be considered uniquely Japanese as it successfully mixes elements of male-oriented manga with beauty and moe. What I find really neat about this genre is in spite of it picking up in popularity rather recently, it actually had its origins in the 1930's with the 'erotic-nonsense' movement of art. This was the era not too long after the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923 where country morale was low and the government itself was in dire straits. What was truly considered nonsense by the masses before now has a welcoming home in Japan's artistic subculture. This is the environment that spawned MAI-CHAN's Daily Life in manga and movie form.


By the way, MAI-CHAN's Daily Life:THE MOVIE will be shown at JAPAN-FILMFEST in Hamburg, Germany in May. Please visit the festival's official site for more information. They also have a frequently updated Facebook page.

Also visit the official homepage for MAI-CHAN"S Daily Life: THE MOVIE.

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