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COLLECTOR, Where Maniac AV is Most Alive Part Three

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: March 9th, 2015
English Translation Published: March 13th, 2015

COLLECTOR, one of the most infamous Japanese AV production companies of recent memory takes part an exclusive interview.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


My Dearest Desire: Some people criticize productions that feature rape such as the ones COLLECTOR makes. However, others think it is good to offer people who have a fetish for this type of play a safe and simulated outlet. Do you feel like your work helps reduce actual violence against women?

COLLECTOR: We've received criticism for some of our harder titles that feature women seemingly in involuntary positions being sexually assaulted by groups of perverse men. However, all the women in our shoots have voluntarily agreed to take part. This is an experience they want to live out and since we are a professional production company, it is safe and there are still boundaries. I think many people who have an interest in the rape fetish view our titles and for all of them, the actual desire to commit rape is non-existent. Rather, it's just a fantasy they'd like to see carried out. In spite of being known for a country that has companies producing pseudo-rape titles, Japan has a very low amount of rapes compared to other developed nations. Perhaps the kind of titles we make provides an outlet for those even considering committing something so heinous upon another person.


MDD: Can you tell us what was the most extreme production you have ever worked on?

COL: The Perverting the Paranormal Series (which will be shown uncut on ZENRA beginning mid-March of 2015!). It's where we could truly see AV actresses with an authentic deer-in-the-headlights look. Before these two titles (and counting...), Japanese AV was mainly about SEX. With Perverting the Paranormal, focus is more on something truly unique and eldritch with coitus taking a step back. Perverting the Paranormal took elements of traditional Japanese horror and gave it an erotic twist. Another series produced by our forefathers, BAKKY VISUAL PLANNING, was called Sex on the Drug. You can figure out why that one was exceptionally extreme, but what they did at the time was legal, voluntary, and no illegal substances were used. However, that series in particular received much criticism from vocal womens rights groups.


MDD: What genres do you think will become more popular in the near future? Which ones will become less?

COL: I think you'll less titles that are nothing but cute women having sex and you'll see more titles catering to even more succinct fetishes.


MDD: Where do you see the Japanese AV industry 10 years from now?

COL: Less DVDs will be sold, but I doubt physical media sales will ever be zero. Net sales will take over for sure and more and more micro-niches will prosper via online-only commerce.

MDD: As a Japanese AV company based in Japan and bound by censorship rules, do you feel any ill will to the recent popularity of uncensored productions?

COL: Although more people than ever are watching adult video worldwide, it is not easy for Japanese companies to consider releasing their work sans mosaic. The reason being is that there are various self-regulating content authorities that will not put their stamp of approval on work that does not meet various guidelines—proper mosaic application being one of them. However, the louder and more numerous the voices of foreign audiences become for uncensored Japanese AV, the quicker change may begin to occur.


MDD: Do you think rules regarding rape and other extreme content in AV will become stricter? Viewing this type of content in countries like USA is a gray area, but selling it by means of credit card is not allowed.

COL: With Tokyo being selected to host the Olympics in 2020, I fear the adult industry will be put under increased scrutiny. Things in the AV world as well may become a bit stricter than the are now including some regulation of rape and scat titles. I also cannot say for sure that if after the Olympics, the rules would be lessened.


MDD: Do you feel that being an independent AV company has given you more freedom to put your vision to film?

COL: Absolutely!

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  • ethical? said:

    Bakky was criminally prosecuted for producing videos of real rape and torture, which Collector continues to sell:

    May 2nd, 2015 - Reply

      • My Dearest Desire replied (May 2nd, 2015):
      • Actually, the title in question they do not sell. Please keep in mind that 100% of the people involved in the harder BAKKY titles never worked for the studio in question. In fact, most AV studios freelance their productions and just foot the bill and sell the title.


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