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Maniac AV Interview with RADIX & POOL CLUB Part One

My Dearest Desire Exclusive - Original Japanese Date: May 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: June 1st, 2015

RADIX and POOL CLUB together account for being of the largest producers of extremely bizarre Japanese AV.

RADIX and POOL CLUB (both owned by the same parent company) aren't as well known in the west as other Japanese AV production companies that mainly focus on bizarre movies. Considering the fact that both of these companies produce some of the strangest titles on such a consistent basis, it's quite a shame.

Output alone, RADIX and POOL CLUB produce a staggering 10-12 releases a month of quality maniac AV entertainment covering a wide range of genres from newhalfs, BBW, public nudity, mature, and lots and lots of scat (which we know isn't for everyone!). We previously featured their zany yet accurate See Your Own Semen Kit and last February we had the fortunate opportunity to meet their second-in-command in Tokyo where we negotiated a licensing deal for along with piquing their interest for their first ever foreign interview at My Dearest Desire. Read more below as to the inner workings of this highly productive maniac Japanese AV production company.


My Dearest Desire: What makes RADIX & POOL CLUB such unique AV production companies?

RADIX & POOL CLUB: With the profits from DVD sales significantly less in recent years, many of our more mainstream rivals have given into riding trends as of late. However, we follow a different path in that we take great care to satisfy the demands of the most peculiar of fans.


MDD: When did you start producing AV?

RPC: Our company has been in the video production business for 21 years now. We weren't always an adult video company though. First, we were producing more sports-oriented titles such as baseball training videos and car racing. Along with that, we also tried our hand in image video (think softcore adult videos featuring a solo model who sometimes, but not always strips naked to the tune of Muzak).


MDD: Both RADIX & POOL CLUB seem to focus entirely on producing maniac AV titles. Is there a reason for this?
RPC: Our first foray into Japanese AV were with simpler titles that were all about pretty girls and attractive older women too. This may be disputed by others, but we were the ones who created the jukujo (attractive and very sexual older Japanese women) genre. Our rivals soon followed in our footsteps and the genre became over-saturated in no time. We again broke ground by focusing heavily on urination titles which sold amazingly well. From that point onward, our mission statement has been to focus solely on maniac titles—where other Japanese AV studios fear to tread.


MDD: A quick look at the output of both RADIX & POOL CLUB and it's hard to tell what makes these two labels different. May you enlighten us?

RPC: Sure thing. RADIX titles generally feature men in the masochistic roles whereas POOL CLUB features them being sadists. Both labels even featured some public nudity titles, but the legality of producing them nowadays is quite perilous due to the increased severity of public indecency laws. Both labels also used to release titles all about huge breast play, but again other makers copied our original ideas so we gave up on them.

Gas Mask Schoolgirls by POOL CLUB (will be on ZENRA in late August!)

MDD: I recall reading that POOL CLUB used to be an independent company that RADIX's parent company took over. I also notice that their older output pre-takeover consisted of many gay titles, but that's not the case anymore. Why the change?

RPC: POOL CLUB actually didn't release too many gay titles. I think it was only around 20. For a time that part of the Japanese AV industry had an opening for some unique productions and they took the chance to satisfy it.


To be continued...

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