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Uta Kohaku Interview Part Two

Asagei Fuuzoku - Original Japanese Date: November 20th, 2013
English Translation Published: July 8th, 2015

Uta Kohaku whom recently retired not too long ago tells us how she became a Japanese AV star along with her love of fellatio and more.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Asagei Fuzoku: Do you figure out beforehand when you will be on your period?

Uta Kohaku: I work through it normally. There's times when I only get a few hours of rest and I'm out again being filmed. I'll sometimes catch some shut-eye during makeup if I'm lucky.


AF: You sound incredibly busy.

UK: I've actually felt like an idol at times due to some of the larger group productions I've been in. I've been on good terms with some of my coworkers, but I've had my fair share of arguments as well. It was tough at times. The erotic 'play' is not always hardcore, but it does take its toll on me mentally.


AF: It seems like you prefer 'harder' play.

UK: Well, AV stars who simply perform in titles about them looking like famous people usually don't last long. My expiration period would have passed awhile back if I followed that path. I rather not do video titles just for comic relief. That's not me. That's also why I practiced my squirting technique when at home.


AF: You practiced well! Your explosions are wonderful!

UK: Right? I can control the power of my explosions and even the angle now. Practice makes perfect! I can even pee standing up into a chamber pot with great accuracy.


AF: Awesome!

UK: I've been curious about it for a long time—way before I entered AV. It took some time to master it, but now I'm a riot on set. Directors are always thrilled with how well I perform. Whether they set the bar low or high, I'll easily jump over it.

Uta Kohaku with freshly milked erection.


AF: So did you get into it?

UK: Back in grade school I saw an uncensored video on the internet of a mixed race couple having sex. I was shocked. I mean it was erotic, but I really was shocked that people could do that! It ignited my curiosity and I began to search for more things to see on the internet. It wasn't long before I discovered and became a huge fan of Monbu Ran (an AV star of the last decade who will appear uncensored and in HD on ZENRA later this year!).


AF: Did you think that could be you ten years later?

UK: Well look at me!


AF: You saw AV before you even had sex for the first time?
UK: I just started high school and it was with my friend's older brother. It hurt, but also felt good. I figured I'd have to be a lot more sexually active in order to start enjoying it like real AV stars. My teenage years from that point on were filled with sex...a lot of it and with a lot of people.


AF: You paved the way.

UK: Sort of...maybe? I still wasn't satisfied. This is probably why I started leaning towards entering the AV industry at the time.


To be concluded...


(Translator's note: I wonder what title she found online that sparked her interest in adult video. The original Japanese interview simply says it was with a black guy and a white woman. Could it have been professional western adult video or something with amateurs? With tubes being mainstream nowadays, it's interesting to consider what AV hopefuls in Japan are watching on their smartphones before deciding to make the plunge. Is it scenes of their favorite Japanese AV stars or uncensored footage from abroad?)

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