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Tooru Muranishi, the Emperor of AV Interview Part One

Salitoté - Original Japanese Date: February 10th, 2011
English Translation Published: August 3rd, 2015

One of the longest running Japanese AV directors in the industry talk about his past where he produced uncensored titles along with his jail sentence in Hawaii.

(Translator's note: this 3-part interview on My Dearest Desire is only the first of a four part piece on Salitoté. Although it is an interview with a very well traveled AV director, the majority of the content after the first part is very focused on directing itself and less about AV. The first part features some adult video talk and also interesting tidbits about Mr. Muranashi's 'dark days'. If demand is high, we will translate parts 2, 3, and 4 of the original interview.)


Tooru Muranishi got his start in the adult video world way back in the nascent 1980's when the industry was still incubating. Pink films were a big inspiration as he entered the industry during the transition from these movies into the adult video of today. What he put to film early on was both trendsetting and highly controversial for the era. It was always an uphill battle that he embarked on. Sometimes his originality ran afoul with the law. Multiple times he was accused of commuting crimes. 1986 saw him in Hawai'i filming Japanese actresses, but while there, he was arrested for violating the Mann Act. The maximum amount of time he could of faced in jail was a life sentence, but he ended up simply paying a large fine instead. He's the perfect example of someone who has seen the bottom of the well and climbed his way back up. Perseverance and Tooru Muranishi go hand in hand and his contributions to the erotic are priceless and eternal. Let's now here more from the man himself!


Salitoté: You've been the mastermind behind many novel adult video titles. However, how did you get started in AV?

Tooru Muranishi: It started well over 30 years ago (around 1984) with me dabbling in underground pornography. You know, adult contents without any censorship. The police were not fond of this and this led to my first arrest. After getting out of jail, I was flat broke. I had to figure out what to do with myself. Those uncensored materials—known as urabon—were what I was familiar with, but I opted to take the more legal route with regular adult video instead.


SA: What made you so confident to film people having sex?

TM: Let's backtrack a bit. Me and sex are great so long as I'm just filming it. I'm not great at doing it, but when it comes to beautifully showing it on film, I'm your guy. There are certain ways you need to go about with your cameras to truly show off the best in facial expressions and acts of physical love. I'm pretty sure I love it as much as anyone else. That's for sure.


SA: With your zeal for beautifully filming sex, did you experience home runs from the get-go?

TM: My work didn't sell at all initially. A good day I'd sell maybe 10 copies which meant I was as broke as they came. I dreamed of eating big and nonstop at steakhouses. I'd love to have ordered anything off the menu, but with the money in my bank account, a serving or two of low-quality pig feet and I'd fake being full to avoid shame. I had fantasies of finally getting to a point where I'd be selling 30 to 50 copies a day. Fortunately, that came to be after about a year. It was great. It felt like the old was washed away with the new. Old land was gone and in its place was something total novel. It was my Genesis! That's how it felt at least. After my first bout of legit adult film-making, daily sales went from dozens a day to hundreds and sometimes thousands!


To be continued...


(Translator's note: the AV industry back in the 1980's still came second to Pink movies. However, it didn't last long as it came as no surprise that most men would prefer to watch movies at home in private instead of adult theaters. These theaters still exist, but most don't look like they been updated in many years.)

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