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Morning Chikan Rush Hour Sex on the Train Part Two

Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: April 19th, 2015
English Translation Published: October 26th, 2015

Misa confesses about how she and her boyfriend severely amp up their romance together by having sex on crowded Japanese trains during morning rush hour.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


With the train swaying left and right, he undid his pants and allowed his stiff member to slide into her. Each sway and each jolt of the train welcomed in another thrust. Their lovemaking on the crowded train had to be done somewhat covertly when it came to the motions. The last thing they'd want is for the people surrounding them to take notice. Suspicious hand motions which would be needed when the boyfriend began stroking his erection in order to prep it for insertion had to be timed with the swaying of the train. Being labeled a chikan at this point in their risky adventure would be a nightmare.

Another trick they did when having sex on the train was to switch positions at each stop. When the door opened up and people got off and on, she would turn her back to him as if they were strangers. While in that position, they'd continue via rear entry though it'd be hard to figure out how they managed to hide the very identifiable sounds of their coitus. What's more, they'd never actually go all the way on the train itself. The stench of semen would be too much and they'd almost certainly be caught. When it's time to finish, they'll get off the train and finish the deed in the bathroom.

They were having the kind of sex in public that requires extreme covertness. It required them to be very cautious, but it majorly turned them both on. Even writing about it now makes me red in the face. The only downfall would be the fact that since both were nude under their trench coats, unexpected gusts of frigid wind would be anything but welcome.

This was Misa's experience which she acted out with her boyfriends on most mornings after she pulled all-nighters working in a snack bar.


Written by Mami Yamane.

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(Translator's note: With a well-placed briefcase held with one hand, their public indecency feats can probably continue even in the warmer months. Of course since everyone's dressed a lot lighter, the risk of sounds which would normally be muffled by trench coats and the like would be totally absent. Caution would have to be amplified, but the risk—and the reward—would be a lot higher.)

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