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Shooting Japanese AV for Women

Wotopi - Original Japanese Date: April 11th, 2015
English Translation Published: June 12th, 2015

La Coviluna is a Japanese AV production company that shoots titles for female audiences and only employs women on set.

I'm sure there have been times when you've seen some filming on the streets and you wonder if an actual famous person is present. Of course, this is a bit harder to gauge with your average Japanese AV shoot. They're usually not shot in public. What does go on in an adult video set? What's the atmosphere like? Let's find out!


The masturbation issue with a former AV star

The studio we are 'invading' today is being used to film a female-oriented masturbation title by La Coviluna. La Coviluna has already made a masturbation guide for women in the past, but they want to one-up themselves with a new edition that covers even more ground.

I arrived at the hotel room where the shoot was being filmed during their lunch break. There I met Yuri Komuro, a former AV star who now works as a writer covering all things erotic. Her role on this shoot was to act as an adviser of sorts to women fretting about how to finally have an orgasm (something Yuri Komuro had problems with herself during her days as an AV star).

The sex toys used for the shoot were neatly arranged on the bed ready for inspection. Toys nowadays have really become quite stylish. It's sometimes hard to tell what they even do from a quick glance.


Female-only staff members

With lunch eaten and beginning to be digested, it was time to resume shooting. Although they rented a hotel suite, with the director, a makeup artist, and more, the room was packed to the limit. I was surprised since the room gave off a real studio vibe in spite of it being something totally else. According to Shino Sugisawa, the head of La Coviluna, they do also sometimes use studios to shoot.

A trademark of La Coviluna productions are that they only employ females on set. This leads to a more relaxing environment for the actresses.

And on that note, it's time to return to shooting.


Keeping the environment clean

Japanese AV sets usually have a sultry environment full of eroticism. After all, when there's sex to be had, there's going to be something in the air. Today's set had no men and although there was nudity, it felt more academic than outright sexual.

The theme of the shoot is having Komuro-san talk to a larger-than-life stuffed penis named Peni-tsuke about how women masturbate. A voice actress is used to fill in his voice which makes for a rather complex shoot all things considered.


Scripted dialog mastered by Komuro-san!

The shoot went well. Komuro-san in particular delivered all her lines flawlessly. Both I and the rest of the female staff were very impressed. There were scenes where we the director green-lighted them after only the first take. Even she praised Komuro-san's performance. There only was one snafu during a test run where she forgot the names of some of the sex toys she was supposed to be demonstrating. The situation even then was much more relaxing than a standard AV set. Jokes were made and tension was non-existent. The rest of the shoot continued without any issues.

Komuro-san's portion of the shoot ended soon after. My preconception that Japanese AV sets are treacherous places full of fright were shattered after seeing how La Coviluna goes about filming its releases. The staff and actresses alike worked in unison to produce something truly magnificent.


Written by Kei Himeno


(Translator's note: Japanese AV by and for women is starting to become serious business. More and more women are working nowadays in lieu of settling down and just like their male peers, have sexual appetites that need attention somehow. La Coviluna only produces a few titles a year, but most are more educational than adult. Perhaps their goal is to be more of an academic maker than something overtly romantic such as SILK LABO.)

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