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Interview with a female Japanese AV Studio CEO Part One

Wotopi - Original Japanese Date: March 1st, 2015
English Translation Published: September 23rd, 2015

More Japanese women than ever are consuming adult video and we find out more about this with an interview with the female CEO of an AV company.

Japanese AV is the land of male pleasure. However, we are now in the midst of a female AV boom. Female as in productions created for a female audience. We're entering an era where women no longer need to feel embarrassed about sex. Why is now the time for this? We hear about this and more from Shino Sugisawa, the CEO of La Coviluna, a forward-thinking Japanese AV production company by and for women.

100% Female Staff

Wotopi: May you tell us about La Coviluna?

Shino Sugisawa: Everyone who works at La Coviluna is a women and we make adult videos for women. The directors, the camera operators, and more are all women. This makes for a comfortable experience for our actresses who find how we operate quite different than your regular male-operated and oriented AV sets. However, when we have actors on set, they seem to act more nervous due to being the only one of their gender on set.


WO: Why do you think female-oriented Japanese AV is in demand now? Is there a societal shift that has made their needs multiply?

SS: I don't think women all of the sudden started to want to view adult video today. I mean once upon a time you'd see breasts all over the place when you watched TV late at night, right? Perhaps due to the demise of that practice, the need to see nudity and the erotic spread to video and the internet not only for men, but for women as well. The needs and wants of sexuality come in waves and as television nudity subsided, we've now taken its place. Of course this doesn't always hold true as female comics have sold well without any slack. Thus, I believe women have always been interested in outlets to express their sexuality.


A love story by La Coviluna


The birds and the bees...for women

WO: Most people assume women hide their erotic desires. Do you agree?

SS: This is definitely something that started when we women were very young. Back in grade school we were taught sexual education, but the way it was explained to us was very dry. It felt more like a biology class than something corporeal. This was the time feminine interest in sex was shut down. As we first were getting our periods along with very little in terms of proper explanation our male classmates took it upon themselves to tease us relentlessly. This was new for them and of course new for us. We all have interest in sex. It's part of our nature. We're all the same in that regard.

High school was when we were sometimes given condoms in health class along with being told to always use protection. Sex still was not something all too common for us. Those in AV may be very familiar with how their bodies works, but high school students were still very much in the dark. It's a lot easier now thanks to the internet to find out more about sex along with purchasing videos discretely. There actually are many women nowadays who shop online for their sexual needs. Actual stores may see almost nothing but male customers, but the same is far from the truth for online shopping. Women may not dominant, but their numbers are very high.


To be concluded...


Written by Kei Himeno


(Translator's note: Whereas SILK LABO focuses their output on story-driven titles for women, La Coviluna seems to take the 'document' approach with how-to releases. Both serve the growing community of female Japanese AV consumers well. They should not be seen as rivals.)

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