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Nozomi Hatzuki, Misa Yuki, and Sakura Anna- Nightmare of a Drunk Girl - SBCI-007

SBCI-007 Drunk Girl, Burning Hot Girl, Fucking a Nonresistant Girl - Original Japanese Date: December 11th, 2012
English Translation Published: July 3rd, 2015

Watch AV idols Nozomi Hatzuki, Misa Yuki, and Sakura Anna give their all. Enjoy seeing them passed out, drunk, and taken advantage of in this fetish JAV.

(Translator's note:  this is a guest review.  It is something we are testing out on My Dearest Desire.  We would love to hear your feedback and if you are an AV fan who would love to write about your passion and possibly make some money off of it as well, then please contact us right away.)


Nightmare of a Drunk Girl, Girl in Heat, and Fucking a Nonresistant Girl

Featuring: Nozomi Hatzuki, Misa Yuki and Sakura Anna

If the above title sounds untactful, unbelievable, and downright immoral, you may be right.  However, thanks to the hard work from CINEMA and Studio Side B, these types of fantasies can become reality…or as close to reality as a dramatic JAV can achieve. You know damn-well that such thoughts have crossed your mind once or twice…this JAV is one of my favorites and will definitely give you a nice taste of the fetish

Let's have a closer look at the content breakdown:

The first scene centers around actress Nozomi Hatzuki. She has quite a nice face and body, but her features truly shine when she is passed out in a drunken slumber.  She has one of those ripe for the picking looks, and she fits this role perfectly.

She is partying rather obnoxiously with a couple of her guy friends late at night. In Japan, apartments house parties are somewhat of a nuisance and frowned upon.  The commotion is rather irritating for our male lead and he does a good job portraying this in the scene start up.  After complaining directly to them he catches a good look at Nozomi and returns home. Once her two friends vacate the apartment, the male lead decides to take a second look and sneaks in. It looks like Nozomi is completely passed out has been ravaged from the other men…

...and the scene only gets more fun from here.  We get to see the male lead have his way with Nozomi for 2 rounds before sneaking back out making for the perfect crime.

The next two scenes are performed by Misa Yuki and Sakura Anna.  One is of an angry wife who drinks away her frustration home alone only to be taken advantage of by a perverted intruder.  The latter is of a female employee who gets a fever and calls off work.  Her supervisors pass by her apartment to investigate and are tempted by lustful desires.  The acting in this title is good enough to add some nice drama and emotion to the scenes.  Most of the male roles are older and fit the bill of being grotesque compared to the ladies. This definitely adds to the atmosphere of the story.   Also the setting and filming are quite believable. Top that with sexy performances from all the aforementioned JAV women, and you have a definite keeper in my book.


You can get this film HERE.

Written by DAI TAKA

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