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Men's Cyzo - Original Japanese Date: March 31st, 2014
English Translation Published: October 3rd, 2014

Nakadashi aka finishing inside is something very popular as of late and since it shares the same Kanji with the word meaning raw, it also has another meaning.

Currently, nakadashi AV is on the rise.

However, according to a survey conducted by a large condom manufacturer, about 55% of people in both marriage and casual relationships are essentially not having sex. Among those, about 36% of the women surveyed and 75% of men were noted as saying that they want to have more sex. Although a rise in supposed 'carnivorous' women is upon us, their reaction to sex is one of indifference. Men, on the other hand, via their viewing of AV have taken a greater interest in finishing their increasingly rare lovemaking with nakadashi...but is this what's really going on? Some men are certainly frustrated by their inability to finish this way and thus have turned to other outlets to satisfy their needs.

By the way, one particularly good and memorable movie of late is 'Fourteen Non-Stop Inside Ejaculations starring Yuka Makise.' I've never seen an AV until this one that was literally nothing but never-ending nakadashi intercourse focusing more on the act itself and moving relationship-building tenderness to second stage.

Nakadashi sure is appreciated by the masses. That being said, did you all know that according to a survey conducted in 2012 showed that 79% of those surveyed went online looking for nakadashi videos of their favorite AV stars?

Once upon a time when I was an erotic book author and later on when I went freelance, I had many opportunities to meet AV stars as I was working in an office in Tokyo, but now in my current situation, I can only provide support from afar. I'm currently hooked on watching some of some of the live (note: the Kanji for 'live' is the same one used in the 'raw' portion of unprotected sex) performances AV stars have been doing on Niconico. Watching their 'live' performances is almost as good as watching them engage in nakadashi sex! When I see them acting so frank and not like their AV characters on this shows, it feels more raw than actual bareback sex!

Tune in every weekday at 7PM to see Happy Hour Theatre as it's well worth it. The show features a gamut of AV stars both veterans and new faces. Attending the shows is a great chance to encounter them with masks off and also meet and mingle with AV writers as well. It's hard to believe how different some are from the characters they play in their films. Calling this show a revolution of the AV world wouldn't be much of a stretch! It's a unique fan club-like experience that feels very authentic.

So how about you tune into seeing AV stars in their more natural form?


Written by Mitsuhiko Asami
Mitsuhiko Asami is a fan of traditional AV via his previous position as an editor of an adult magazine and now is somewhat of a hikikomori eking out a living as a freelance writer.


(Translator's note: Just like how many amongst us want to see how our favorite movie stars act when the camera is turned off, the same certainly applies to Japanese AV stars—perhaps even more so. Happy Hour Theatre not only streams online almost daily, it's possible to visit the live shows. Held in Tokyo, tickets are available online and at the door for 3,000 yen (about $30USD). Check out the site as ticket information is posted in English.)

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