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AV Actor Genjin Moribayashi: “I'm a Middle-Aged Virgin” Part Two

Gentosha - Original Japanese Date: June 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 2nd, 2015

Interview and bio with Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi who has slept with almost ten thousand people on film.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Top Grades

I was unbeatable when it came to grades...before I discovered sex. So basically I was at the top of my class from kindergarten and elementary school. I was in a good educational environment where many of my classmates from both genders were strict with studying. The classes I was assigned to were frequently ranked the best in the school—if not the district. I first sank some when I started going to cram school. There, students from many schools met and the competition for being #1 became extremely fierce. I felt pressure to try even harder. I really wanted to remain at the top.

Middle school tests I equated to as a game where getting a top score was extremely desirable. My grades were still rising at this time, but not for much longer. My parents were as middle-class as you could come and I was rather average as well. I wasn't a bully nor was I bullied and I thought I had a good head on my shoulder. Both in school and in cram school I studied as hard as I possibly could. This led to me successfully graduating from middle school and here is where trouble soon began.”

Cram school was four times a week with a mock exam once a month. Moribayashi-san studied hard and scored very well on his tests. His grades and study ethic were so good he passed entrance to exams to all the feeder middle schools (yes, even some Japanese middle schools have entrance exams!) linked to Tsukuba University.

Really smart people don't even need to go to cram school. Though I noticed when I finally began middle school, lots of students grouped together depending on what cram school the belonged to. Those who didn't go to any were on their own, but were smart enough that they didn't even have to bother with such a time-sink. It was already strange that most of the really smart kids who didn't go to cram school were born in the early portions of the year. I wonder if being born then really makes for students with better heads on their shoulders?

So many of my peers were destined for Tokyo University that I also felt I'd be going there. I felt my test scores all the way back in middle school would open up the world to me. My grades hurt some early on, but I wasn't fazed. I knew I could improve. I'm not sure if this is me being conceited or vainglorious, but that was my thought process back then.”

Tsukuba University's feeder schools—at least the one Genjin Moribayashi attended—were men-only. Thus, it's safe to say he spent puberty in a rather trying environment.

I had a good experience there. Elementary school being co-ed had its ups and downs such as Valentine's Day. There were times when Mr. Popular received tons of chocolate, but I got none. A men-only school was a place where Valentine's Day didn't even exist. However, all of our classes had something of an hierarchy to them which led to some students developing superiority and inferiority complexes. Nevertheless, it was a good environment and most students fit in really well. You either were smart, athletic, or both. It was around this time I started reading male fashion magazines like Street News and Egg and knew I was missing out on some things...”

Moribayashi-san gradually found himself not identifying as stylish nor athletic, but as something of a pervert.


To be continued...


Written by Atsuhiko Nakamura


(Translator's note: Not everyone who does Japanese adult video does it as a 'last option'. Some, such as Genjin, truly love having sex more than anything else. It's his passion and it's great to see him stick around so long. He's been an AV actor for 16 years and counting! That's 8 times longer than the average AV actress.)

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