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AV Actor Genjin Moribayashi: “I'm a Middle-Aged Virgin” Part Three

Gentosha - Original Japanese Date: June 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 4th, 2015

Interview and bio with Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi who has slept with almost ten thousand people on film.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


Endless Perversions

Not that long after school began, classmates of mine starting receiving love confessions from girls in the neighboring school. I so wanted to receive a confession too, but none ever came. I tried to make myself more desirable in order to match my peers, but the only thing I had going for me at the time was being perverted. This reached fever pitch in my second year of middle school and is still running strong even today.”

He really was a perverted student. All of his allowance went into buying adult magazines and videos and he watched them with extreme attentiveness. No detail was too minute to miss for Genjin Moribayashi. Naked women was where his attention felt most at home. His passion for sex never waned and he entered into one of the Tsukuba University feeder high schools with a near insatiable hunger for all things naughty. He was a walking dictionary of adult video. None of his classmates could match his porn knowledge.

I knew everything there was to be known about porn. My head was full of girls and sex and very little else. My notebooks were full of boobies and I daydreamed in class about masturbating to them. I could pop open a dictionary and hunt down the definition of 'nipple' and even that'd make me hard!”

Moribayashi-san would head over to his favorite video rental shop in Yokohama every Wednesday like clockwork. That was their special discount weekly rental day. His allowance would be used to clear their inventory in order to make ample deposits in his spank bank. He loved AV more than life itself! An average month would see him renting in upwards of 80 titles across various genres starring both big names and amateurs. His perversions were as unrestricted as they came.

These were the salad days of his Japanese AV appreciation. His knowledge of adult video most likely surpassed even those who actually worked in the industry. Be it actresses or the works of directors, he knew and loved it all. The worst thing for him at the time was when the rental due date arrived for titles he still wanted to masturbate to. He'd try to copy many tapes, but time simply was not on his side. Besides, handling tapes when playing with oneself was and still is no easy feat. He did hastily cut together some of his favorite scenes and spread those around school like some up-and-coming porn mogul.

Rui Sakuragi was the first AV star that really impacted me. The one act in particular I enjoyed again and again was her giving fellatio. Even back when I started getting into porn, I knew about fellatio, but seeing it acted on on video was a whole new ball game. It looked amazing. Fellatio was something I couldn't do on my own so my only outlet would be pink salons but those cost a lot of money which I didn't have. This made me distraught and I have to admit there were times I attempted to do it myself and it was a big failure.

I did stretching like clockwork after bathing every night in order to make myself more flexible and finally after half a year I could get myself off with a blowjob! This was image training for me; it was all to prep myself for the real thing with a real woman. This was something I focused on and made it my most important goal in life. Of course after cumming I lost the edge and felt disgusted about the whole affair (in Japanese this post-orgasm period is called kenja time or “period after orgasm when a man is free from sexual desire and can think clearly”). Having my own cum in my mouth was not something I was all too proud of. This was a vicious cycle for me back in those early days of sexual gratification: auto-fellatio image training of Rui Sakuragi sucking me off followed by periods of post-ejaculation despair.”

His days in school were spent fantasizing about naked women and sketching breasts in his notebooks. When he got home, he'd have his ample stash of adult magazines and videos ready for even more perusal. Outside of club activities, all his time after school was spent doing something AV-related be it self pleasure or amateur editing. Once in awhile he'd take a breather from burgeoning amateur porn empire to read a manga or a non-adult novel. His studies obviously suffered.

I learned a lot from reading erotic books. It wasn't just stories. Some were full-fledged magazines and guides that had the prices of brothels and lots of information about the types of sexual play you could do there. For example, it used to cost 5,000 to get a blowjob at a pink salon. Going further at a fashion health would cost a bit more. Koganechou (an area in Yokohama) had the cheapest brothels where you could actually have sex. It was really close to where I lived. I'd always find ways to head out there and even being in the area where all that sex was happening made my heart go wild. My goal was to actually visit someday.”

Sex was Moribayashi-san's ultimate goal. Sex with a real, actual woman that is. Daily auto-fellatio with an ejaculation-in-the-mouth finish was as far from normal as one could get. He had the courage to venture into Koganechou. He would see the brothels from the outside. His erection would be raging and...well, at that time at least he never had the guts to actually step inside one. That finally happened when he was still a first year high school student. It was during winter vacation when he lost his virginity...


To be continued...


Written by Atsuhiko Nakamura


(Translator's note: this portion of the original article goes a bit longer, but the portion after is rather short so we modified the formatting. Either way, you almost certainly now have an idea as to how truly perverted Genjin was before he became an AV actor. It's one thing to try out blowing yourself, but to do it daily to a ejaculation-in-mouth conclusion while fantasizing about your prospective career as a Japanese AV star is off the walls perverted! Thankfully this all lucked out for him.)

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