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AV Actor Genjin Moribayashi: “I'm a Middle-Aged Virgin” Part Four

Gentosha - Original Japanese Date: June 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 7th, 2015

Interview and bio with Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi who has slept with almost ten thousand people on film.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


I lost my virginity to a Filipino prostitute in Koganechou. Adult video and masturbating wasn't enough any longer. I needed more! It was awesome! My first time felt great. Actually seeing—and touching!--a vagina the very first time was incredible and it's so much better than just looking at them through a monitor. This was also the time I finally felt like being a nice guy paid off. She kept telling me how nice I was and maybe she thought I really had luck with girls outside of going to brothels. However, thinking about it now, there's a good chance she didn't know much Japanese and “nice guy” was one of the view sayings she had memorized. My tales of being a virginity through my first time feel more like fairy tales now. Good ones though. Ones that I look back upon with a bit of nostalgia.

Losing my virginity did not cull my sexual appetite. Instead, I felt it grow beyond measure. All the money I had saved from working part time as a tutor was spent on sex in Koganechou. I had a wild fantasy at the time that I'd end up marrying that Filipino woman. I felt I'd save her from a troubled life growing up in a developing nation.”

Moribayashi-san would have sex with Filipino and Thai prostitutes almost every week. His sexual finesse and extreme love for Japanese AV was known through school. Students considered him a walking erotic encyclopedia. He'd sometimes escort eager and horny classmates to Koganechou virgin-crushing pilgrimages. He even become something of a good bargainer and got the price dropped from 10,000 yen to 8,000 yen. Groups and cliques which are what Japanese society consists of concerned him no longer. It was sex and AV all the way!


Not Popular Enough to be an AV Actor?

By the time Genjin Moribayasi was a high school senior, his grades were in the pits. Out of 160 students in his class, he was ranked right at the bottom. His attempts at passing college entrance exams were futile. After going ronin for a year, he eventually was accepted by a mid-rank private university.

His time as a college student were a bore. Nothing there seemed to interest him. He began to question what he would do with himself if he continued down this path.

I had no future desires. My peers outranked me every way academically. I felt I couldn't ever catch up to them. There really wasn't anything I wanted to do in college so as a last ditch effort, I applied to become an AV actor. This is the time I first stepped onto a set as a bukkake juice man.”

This was in 1999. Slowly and steadily, Moribayashi-san rose from a simple cum creation unit into a full-fledged and top-ranking Japanese AV actor.

I didn't think I had a chance to actually end up having sex with AV stars. My whole life up till this point was spent with me believing I was never going to be popular with women—especially beautiful ones...ones that could win beauty contests and the like.”

His time in puberty was indeed spent single and desperate, but with his burgeoning AV career taking off, his days of being alone were at an end.


To be concluded...


Written by Atsuhiko Nakamura


(Translator's note: one more entry to go in this massive bio/interview. We hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as we did translating it. Genijn Moribayashi has appeared in so many titles his claim of sleeping with 6,000+ people is probably true. It may even be a rather conservative estimate given his extreme output. The only downside is that Japanese AV actors—even popular ones—don't make that much money. A full day's work may see him making 50,000 yen (approximately $500USD) if he's lucky.)

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