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AV Actor Genjin Moribayashi: “I'm a Middle-Aged Virgin” Part Five

Gentosha - Original Japanese Date: June 8th, 2015
English Translation Published: September 9th, 2015

Interview and bio with Japanese AV actor Genjin Moribayashi who has slept with almost ten thousand people on film.

(Translator's note: This post is a continuation of a previous entry.)


It Takes Skill to be a Middle-Aged Virgin

The me of today is here thanks to AV. I'm really, really lucky.”

Perhaps he was reliving his darker days of auto-fellatio with a cumshot-to-the-mouth, but his face which was crinkled in rumination a moment ago now looks very relieved.

I was very fortunate. I've been stuck on adult video since middle school and now I get to star in it. I cared little for tests and the like back then and somehow my perverted fascinations became my life. My high school years were spent having sex so much that I thought there was something wrong with my head. I was so happy to lose my virginity to that Filipino prostitute. This all makes me feel a lot more confident nowadays which has led to many a successful shoot. A whole part of me never had the ability to natural have sex with someone I love, but I still feel good about myself. I hold no remorse for my upbringing. There's also the fact that if I was born with a small dick, I'd have no place in this business. Being blessed there is another thing I'm very fortunate about.

And then there's also the fact that I was born in such a progressive-thinking country when it comes to sex. If I was born somewhere much more restricted, my school days would see me all on my own ostracized as a perverted weirdo. I think if I took the safe route and stayed at home and dutifully attended Tsukuba University, I'd have a lot less to be excited about.”

So what can men who've never had luck with women do about their middle-aged virgin predicament? We hear from Moribayashi-san:

You need to find something in this world that fascinates you. For me, it's the erotic. You need to find it and run with it. If you don't, then you're finished. Everyone has at least one thing they're highly skilled at. We all can be geniuses with at least that one thing.”

That's what being human's all about: there are things we are exceptionally skilled at...and things we're absolutely horrible at. Sometimes it's best to swallow one's pride and to give it your all. Moribayashi-san calls this 'finding that crack of light.'

This is how I am. What's more, I think virgins have incredibly powerful imaginations. We may feel feel defiant in the face of conformity. We may put on a mask that hides how we truly feel, but deep down in our hearts trouble may be brewing. I don't think any middle-aged virgins do not feel this way. Delusions are a major part of me being a Japanese AV actor. I have to always remain positive or I won't be able to perform. It's not like we're displaying authentic love on set. We need to act out passions and some mistakes can be serious mood-killers.

Middle-aged virgins have a peculiar way of looking at the world. I think we have a lot of potential to really change things if we put our minds into it. We're the ones who are always off in la-la land with our over-reactive imaginations. We can become amazing artists and more. I know there are already people like this out there. It's all about taking one step at a time and never stopping. This lifestyle—the kind of lifestyle I have—is way more interesting than your average salaryman. Enjoy life and if you're not, do your best to change your mindset.”

The viewpoint of a middle-aged virgin such as Moribayashi-san is rather unique. Another way to look at what he said is to avoid putting oneself into the role of a victim. Don't act as if the world is out to get you. Rather, make the best of what you have. Value every body.

There actually was a school reunion not to long ago. How did it go for him?

A lot of my classmates went on to Tokyo University. We had a pretty interesting chat. Some founded their own companies, others went into politics, and some spent a lot of time abroad in the states. One may be on his way to winning a Nobel prize soon! I didn't hold back about my career. When asked, I proudly responded that I was an AV actor. It's been what I've identified as all the way back since middle school. I never strayed from that path. Not going would have been fishy I think. They may have wondered what eventually became of me. It's best to do whatever your heart's set with. Doing anything less would be a waste.”

Some of Moribayashi-san's peers have landed high-paying jobs. Some, but not all, identify as middle-aged virgins. Sex for some is still something of a mystery.

Sex is everywhere nowadays. You'll see it in print, in comics, in movies—everywhere! A lot of the metaphors people use are actually derived from it. There's no way not to!”

Not all of his former classmates are attached. Some simply 'have no interest in women'. Moribayashi-san thinks that's a waste.


Written by Atsuhiko Nakamura


(Translator's note: we've reached the conclusion of this wonderful piece. We think this made for fantastic reading into the mind of a Japanese AV actor who truly loves his vocation. Genjin Moribayashi shows no hints of retirement which is great for his fans. Since he is appearing quite often now in shoots, it's possible his fame amongst foreign fans may start to rise. It's questionable as to whether he's the most charismatic AV actor around, but he does have a profound and welcome stage presence.)

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